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Thumbs down My ViE/ViEngineered Review 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 - 07-23-2018, 10:43 PM

I just wanted to share my review here of my experience with ViEngineered/Jon Vigil whom I decided to purchase my N54 Garrett single turbo kit from on March 15th. Mind you this is in no way about the actual quality of their kit as the welding is great & I see they do great fab work (which is partly why I chose their kit in the 1st place), but strictly about the poor customer service & missing turbo.

Prior to ordering my turbo kit I was told that they were currently caught up on production & that it would take around 6 weeks to complete, although I expected it to take a little longer. I called a few times with questions prior to finally placing my order and he always picked up, and was glad to help answer any of my questions.

After placing my order I wait around 6 weeks. In the 1st week of May I was told that my manifold was out getting ceramic coated & that they were just waiting on that......after that I was ignored for over 3 weeks about my order update until I threatened to just cancel my order & go DOC Race because of the longer then expected delay & lack of customer service I was hoping to avoid with this company. Shortly after on May 30th I was emailed by Jon Vigil (shop manager) that my kit was complete & that they were just waiting on fittings from AC Fab, but had been waiting since May 2nd, but that definitely they were just waiting on fittings then itíd be shipping.

I get an email from Jon on Friday, June 1st that my kit would be shipping out that day or on Monday, June 4th. I donít hear from him until June 5th saying that it got shipped out earlier that day & iíd have my tracking in the morning.....I donít hear from him until June 11th when he emailed saying it had shipped out earlier that day (1 week from the date he claimed he originally shipped it, go figure). I get my tracking email later that evening from UPS.

I received my package June 14th but when I opened it I saw that everything was included BUT MY TURBO, and also that my manifold is in raw finish & not ceramic coated whatsoever!!??? So of course Iím really heated at this point and I immediately emailed Jon back asking what the heck was going on with my kit.

I was utterly shocked that Jon had not one ounce of customer service to mention to me at the time of shipment that my package wasnít going to include the turbo!

He replies the next day stating that the turbo was being drop shipped & heíd send me the tracking once he got it. And that his coaters were taking forever and he got tired of my emails & calls that he was ignoring for weeks so he just picked my kit up from the coating and shipped it as is. Wow! What a stand up guy Iím thinking!

Donít hear from him until June 26th saying that theyíre just now waiting on them to finish machining on the divided housings since ATP Turbo was making their own in house units because Garrett had apparently ran out.

I hear nothing until Mon. July 16th, so I called to check with ATP myself whom said they have all their Garrett divided housings in stock, lol. I then emailed Jon about that asking what the hold up was and that I was basically tired of all the bs run around up to this point. He emailed me back later that evening saying that they had got all their turbos in that past Thur. (July 12th) and that they had to get everything unpackaged & repackaged and Iíd have tracking the next day (July 17th).

He emails me July 18th saying he shipped it 2-day shipping, Iíd have it that Friday July 20th, and Iíd have my tracking in the morning. He emails me a tracking number the following afternoon so I immediately check it on FedEx. It showed a package coming from California to Colorado (his shop) instead of to Tennessee (where it should of been going)!!! So I messaged him back letting him know that this isnít a package coming to me & what the heck was going on with my turbo after having me wait forever and sending me a bunk tracking number with no explanation.

So as of today I still havenít gotten a single response from Jon Vigil of ViEngineered about my turbo. I paid over $5,000 for this full turbo kit March 15th and have no turbo, no ceramic coating, no said refund for missing ceramic coating, and no idea if Iíll ever even get my turbo at this point, so to me personally I feel this is down right fraudulent. I just wanted to put this out there incase anyone else was considering buying a kit from this company. Iíd go with DOC Race without a doubt!! Pay the extra money. I definitely do not recommend ViEngineered. Jon may do great weld work, he may have gotten a few other guys their complete turbo kits but this is currently my personal experience & I m not happy one bit.
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Default 07-24-2018, 11:55 AM

Do you have an attorney? At this point, this has gone on long enough that I would seriously consider having a strongly worded letter sent to ViE about possible litigation. And if that doesn't get you everything you're owed, sue them. And I mean really sue them. Whatever funds you gave them, any potential interest on said funds, legal fees, court fees, and throw in a couple grand for emotional distress. I wouldn't let them get away with anything. They have to learn that if they cannot provide a product in a decent amount of time, they shouldn't be selling the product.

Mike Levy
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Default 07-24-2018, 05:52 PM

Quick update: I finally received my turbo today. I had no idea it was even coming since he never replied with the right tracking number. I just came home from work and saw I had a FedEx delivery. However there was no air filter nor have I received my credit for the ceramic coating that wasn't done, and honestly at this point I don’t even care. Just tired of dealing with it all as a whole & glad I got my damn turbo. So to sum everything up, the quality of their kit is a 10/10 but the customer service was a 3/10 so I can’t recommend ViEngineered. I hope everyone else gets their issues worked out with them.
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