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Default Auto Trans issues - Jumping gears and slipping - 09-12-2019, 09:26 AM

Hello All,

Not new to the N54 community, but been building up a couple N54 cars under my belt and new to the Auto scene, having some issues I cant hunt down.

This is a bit of a winding road, but first, the codes:

2E7F - DME: EGS via PTCAN2 and PT-CAN

CD99 - Message (Torque Request, EGS 0xB5) Faulty, receiver DME, Transmitter EGS / HIM / SMG / DKG

CD9D - Message (Transmission data, 0xBA) Faulty, receiver DME, Transmitter EGS/HIM/SMG/DKG

CD9E - Message (Transmission data 2, 0x1A2) Faulty, receiver DME, Transmitter EGS/SMG/DKG

CDB0 - Message Error (display, transmission data, 0x1D2), DME Receiver, ETC / HIM / SMG / DKG Transmitter

The issue:
When giving it a certain threshold of torque, regardless of manual, drive or sport mode, the gears love to either pop out, or jump into a random gear, or sometimes out of Manual mode back to sport or drive. It seems to be pick and choose at random. On regular acceleration everything works fine.

Troubleshooting steps taken:
So before all of this started happening, my MSD80 ECU blew a mosfet. Got a MSD81 ECU into the car and these are the issues that started happening. Tranny had a few problems before but nothing ever this bad.
So I took to the tranny, new sleeves and couplers for the connectors, cleaned out the Mechatronic unit and even got brand new solenoids. Put it all back togethor and attached a new Mechatronic sleeve onto it. Made sure it was seated properly. Same problem.

So next I decided, ok, tranny **** the bed. Got a used tranny that I know was functional and well, drove it before hand and everything. Put it in, didnt even crack the pan open to do any internals. New oil everything done right. Same issue.

So now i'm thinking its gotta be the Tranny flash. WinKFP and a stock flash later, and resetting some adaptations... its better, but still jumps out of gears and shifts super hard. Almost like it doesnt expect to jump into gear and gets slammed hard.

At this point i'm stuck. Do I start looking at wiring somewhere? Is it the EGS? Bad wiring? All started happening after the ECU swap... but had minor issues. Something somewhere is messed up and I cant seem to find it.

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