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Default 08-01-2019, 08:49 PM


I just bought these turbos

VTTO"GC 2.0" Stock location

Is the Flash Race Hybrid correct?

N54 "GC 2.0" Stock location turbochargers
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Default 08-09-2019, 03:30 AM

Question about which bef map to use?
2007 e90 335i manual
All maintenance is current
Index 12's
New Bosch coils
Stage 2 pump
Hexon rr550
Jb4 with bef.
Which before hybrid map should I use?
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Default 08-11-2019, 12:52 AM

Hi Terry,

I'm thinking to go with the n54 cast PURE turbos as a replacement and wanted to get an idea if I could continue using your JB4 G5 ISO piggy on map 5 (Without the BEF) as I have with the stock turbos? Once I get time I would actually get the car tuned.

Goals: I'm fine with under 400hp on 91 pump gas, I don't think the 6AT AWD would handle more than 500hp so I would like to stay under that once tuned?

My car is a 2008 335xi 6AT with 186k miles on it. I'm getting a turbo siren/howling on my original stock turbos under low load driving. I also have had a lot of wastegate rattle since 125k miles on the clock. I have noticed a lot of oil consumption as well, always get 30FF, and often get lamba codes.

Below is my list of parts I have yet to order:
* Pure n54 cast turbos 2"
* BMS inlets 2"
* BMS vacuum side OCC
* FuelIt Stage 2 bucketless LPFP
* Turbo install kit (BMW Turbocharger Installation Kit - 11627558906KT | FCP Euro)
* Corteco Motor mounts
* Waterpump + TStat + bolts + U Hose + Bypass hose
* Oil pan gasket + bolts
* Valve cover (cover + gasket + bolts)
* All four 02 sensors
* Spark plugs (BMW ZGR6STE2)
* oil change (Walmart Castrol 5w-40 changed every 7500 miles) + Mann filter

I am not sure if my Rear Main Seal is leaking, if it is, then I might need to pull the motor and maybe do the front main seal also and install outlets?

What is already on the car:
* JB4 G5 + cable + DCI + D P fix @ 5 Oclock
* ER CP with TialQ BOV
* Full ER FMIC anodized with CF Shroud
* AR D P s

Maintenance items performed last summer (FCPEuro parts)
* New coolant reservoir + Cap + expansion tank line + upper radiator hose
* New OFHG
* New starter
* pulley/tensioner/belt kit
* new spark plugs
* new vacuum lines (All 19 feet)
* new boost solenoids
* New front brake kit and brake fluid
* 6AT pan and fluids
* transfer case fluid
* front control arm kit (6 piece)

History (around 2014):
All new index 12 injectors @ 90k miles
Carbon blast @ 90k miles
Delphi coils @ 90k miles

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Default 09-25-2019, 11:07 AM

hi there guys I'm a new member on this forum ..

i own a built 335i running meth. around the 700 mark.
my vtt turbos went bang recently .. well the turbo oil seals went so ive just purchased the new GC stock location turbos from tony.

just need some help mapping my jb4 to suit

on the very first page on this thread .. could somone talk me through what i need to do to get this car back up and running... it previously had tonys stage 2 + turbos but i know these GC turbos produce more power. there aren't many guys i know of that can help me with mapping a jb4 in the united kingdom

many thanks
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Default 10-09-2019, 08:37 AM

Hey guys, my Pure Stage 2 go on in two weeks! I have put together a short side by side comparison video between the pure stage 2 and stock turbos. Thought some of you here might find it interesting. I will be sure to do a good driveability comparison once they are mounted.

N54 Pure Stage 2 hybrid turbos vs Stock - Side by side comparison! - YouTube
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