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Default JB4 Mobile for Apple and Android Smart Phone Support - 10-11-2013, 05:28 PM

How to update firmware from email:

Order it from BMS here: http://www.burgertuning.com/bluetoot...nnect_kit.html

*Install Info:
Click Here

*User Guide/Generic Troubleshooting:
Click Here

*Help Me/Advanced Troubleshooting:
If you need any assistance with JB4 Mobile or the JB4 Connect Kit, email me at support@jb4connectkit.com. I don't check this thread anywhere near as often as I check my emails and it allows us to resolve any issues in a nice organized thread specific to your request.

This will now be the thread for all of my JB4 based apps. These include JB4 for OS X, JB4 Mobile for iOS, and JB4 Mobile for Android.

Big thanks to MasterWang for all his hard work on the graphics. And another thanks to sirdaft1 and BMW Fanatic for the cool product videos below.

All support requests must include the following or they may be ignored:
Device: Example iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4
OS: Example 7.0.1(iOS) or 4.4.2(Android)
Engine type: Example N54 E Series
App build: Example 3281 or A026
Kit Revision: Example Rev 3 or Rev 2
JB4 Firmware Version: Example 32_2b
Problem experienced:

*******JB4 Mobile (iOS and Android)*******

All Rev 3 users MUST select Rev 3 from the connection type menu BEFORE attempting to connect.

*JB4 Connect Kit Store Link

Stock status: Available now!

Price: $140 + shipping (iOS/Android app NOT included)

Available from Burger Motorsports here.

Available from JB4ConnectKit.com here.

Domestic shipping: $12
International shipping: $63.50. I only ship via USPS Priority Express due to the included tracking/insurance.

App purchases only valid for the device family they were purchased on. For example, if you buy the iOS app and decide to switch to Android later, you will need to purchase the app on that platform.

*How To Connect:
iOS - Requires my JB4 Connect Kit. Note that most newer iOS devices support Bluetooth Low Energy, but use this link to double check. iOS device List

Android - Can connect with an OTG cable or my JB4 Connect Kit. Note that not all Android devices are either OTG compatible or Bluetooth Low Energy compatible. It is up to you, the user, to find out if your device supports either OTG or Bluetooth Low Energy. Android users using my JB4 Connect Kit must realize that the Android Bluetooth Low Energy implementation is still not up to par with iOS's. Due to this, Android users may need to restart their device to be able to connect to my kit. This is not a problem with my kit, but rather an issue with Android's Bluetooth 4.0 implementation. Hopefully they will pay more attention to Bluetooth 4.0 in the near future.

$27.99 (JB4 Connect Kit not included)

*What's Included:
The JB4 Mobile app.

*How To Get It:

Live Data Monitoring
Data Logging (log files are fully compatible with JB4 windows software)
Log Graphing and Exporting via Email
Code Reading/Deletion
Map Switching
User Adjustment (change boost/fueling/cps/open loop/etc on the fly)
Methanol Adjustment (includes meth priming)
Firmware Flashing (update the JB4 through the app)
GPS Speedometer
G Force meter
Shift Indicator
Max Boost recall

*Known Bugs:
Sometimes the app will say "Connected", but no data appears to be coming through. Simply do a code reading to restart the stream.

*Upcoming updates:
0-60 reimplementation.

Each JB4 Connect Kit comes with a 30 day exchange only warranty. The warranty only covers defects in manufacturing and begins when the kit is delivered.

iOS App Demo

Android App Demo

Android Firmware Updating Demo

*Wish List:

1) Variable number of gauges.
2) Playback logs via gauges.
3) Themes.
4) HUD mode (Completed in iOS).
5) Variable color gauges. (Completed in iOS)
6) Audible alerts when passing set thresholds.
7) View values in graph. (Completed for iOS)
8) Background logging for Android.
9) Bar units for boost pressure option. (Completed in iOS and Android)
10) Warm-up mode/indicator
11) Select all in export page
12) Wheel control guide

*******JB4 (OS X)*******

*How To Connect:
Install these drivers: Drivers


*What's Included:
The JB4 OS X app.

*How To Get It:
Download 1.9.1

You may need to enable non-signed applications on your mac. To do this,
Open System Preferences->Security & Privacy->General->Allow Apps downloaded from "Anywhere"
*Stop and display will only appear if the JB4 is currently logging.

Has the same functionality as the JB4 Windows application with a few things under development.

*Features Under Development:
Simulated Steering wheel controls

Please let me know of any bugs/issues you experience.

This software is provided AS-IS. Donnie Wittbrodt is not responsible for any damage done to you, your car, or anyone/anything else. These products/apps are not affiliated with Burger Motorsports. Please direct any questions regarding these products to jb4connectkit+support@gmail.com.

2008 135i 4L80E Swap - 807 WHP
VM 6466 Single Turbo Kit | JB4 | BMS Flash via MHD | Fuel-It Stage 3 | BMS Port Injection | E85

For all JB4 Mobile/Connect Kit requests, email me at: support@jb4connectkit.com

For JB4 Mobile feedback (bug reports, minor annoyances, etc.), email me at: feedback@jb4connectkit.com

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