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Default F10 535i headgasket blown, coolant spray - 04-12-2019, 12:03 AM

Hi guy's

My 535i mods, charge pipe, intercooler, down pipe and bms filter. Custom flash at respectable tuner in the Netherlands on a dyno (2 years ago)

The problem:
Over the couple of months i had increasing oil leak from my dynamic drive reservoir.
I've had my 5 at the dealer to replace the dynamic drive pump together with still an open recall for the vanos bolts.
When they where at it i've also let them overhaul the engine. Got new valve cover (pvc), vent hose, new OFHG (both), new belt and pullies, plugs and oil & filters. So everything is in good shape again.

When i received it back i didnít have full boost, after searching i've found the mechanic didn't close the blank plug at the new valve cover (it has 2 vacuum connections) so i had a small vacuum leak.
I've grabbed some vacuum hose and closed one end off. Went for a test drive and boom full boost and pulling hard also made a log of it.

Then a second problem occurred, water spray at the coolant reservoir and quite alot.
Overnight letting it cool down and filling back up and bleeding 2 times went out for a test drive again.
Normal driving no problem en no strange temperatures (logging with mhd). After testing over a couple of days i can diagnose it only does it when boosting/pushing hard. And spills out quite a lot of coolant, i've change the cap for a new one still same problem.

Getting back to the boost, after cleaning the coolant Iíve noticed the mechanic didn't place the clamp of the charge pipe right on the silicone coupler. So I pulled the snorkel off and repositioned the clamp. While driving i noticed boost was irregular and started logging and seeing boost not stable. So the next day i took everything off again and moved the silicone checking for rips (none found) and repositioned and reclamped the hose. Boost is stable/better again but my butt dyno still feels a bit irregular.
Checking my log with MHD i see my WGDC and WGPos fluctuating quite a lot and in correlation the throttle. I didnít had 100% pedal due to not found where the coolant was coming from and not wanting to lose all / overheating by pushing to the max.

I need help with:
Checking my log for abnormalities
WG good? Pressure Converter going bad?
Ill replace the vacuum hose from converter to the WG tomorrow. From valve cover to converter looks good.
Charge pipe oring ? Due to moving and working on silicone coupler.

Why does it keep out spitting coolant only when pushing hard. Not when driving normally (slow) work commute (approx 20km)
I will replace the reservoir tomorrow (maybe cracked??) But still has pressure after cooling when unscrewing the cap.
Coolant pump dying? Head gasket issue/pressure?

Log after only attaching vacuum blind plug:

Current running log:

I've changed the coolant reservoir to no avail.
Still spitting out coolant after boosting (happend on this log)
Boost still irregular and also some timing corrections more than used to.


Here a shot log after boosting and just driving half throttle, you can see wgdc fluctuating as hell. Also alot of timing corrections.


Thus far i've thrown a lot of new parts at it but still no solution, the only thing left i can think of is the headgasket. When boosting it pressurise the coolant due to more expansion/boost pressure to the head.

I've bled the system 15-20 times so its not the waterpump and coolant boiling. It's pumping all speeds only at full speed a little resonation noise.

I've read on the 1series forums there was a case with a loose headbolt (at cyl 6) which had exact the same symptoms as me https://www.1addicts.com/forums/show....php?t=1331161

Who can chime in for advice, not only the headgasket but also the boost fluctuations. I'm not willing to give up on it yet.

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Default 04-15-2019, 12:42 AM

Edit: update after new coolant reservoir.
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