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Default F56 JCW Installed...Questions... - 06-18-2018, 07:20 PM

Installed my JB4 + Bluetooth today on my 2017 Factory JCW Cooper hatch. First things first....HA to the Elite. This thing is so smooth and strong. Oh and works without codes too! I'm a complete n00b to this stuff as I'm generally a non turbo chevy guy.

1. Can I switch maps while driving? I....intend....to leave it on map 1 but if I'm on the highway and decide I need a little more can I use the app and switch maps while going down the road? Do I need to be off throttle? What's the deal?

2. Obviously there's a ton of settings on the app. I saved my default parameters. Since I have a JCW instead of an S should I use map 6 and up the max "boost safety" and boost at RPM numbers? In other words does it know the difference between an S and JCW and simply "add 4 or 6" over the stock number or is it programmed with a preset number that's 4 or 6 over a stock S and need to be switched to 4 or 6 over a stock JCW?

3. Other than turn on the old auto connect is there any other setting I should change?

4. Map 2? I always run 93 octane and my car is, JB4 aside, a bone stock factory JCW. I generally drive the leased car quite hard and am nearly always in boost. Is it safe to run the Map 2? Will the negative be that it pulls timing and is slower than Map1....or that I put a hole in the block? If it's the former how can I tell that it's pulling timing?

5. Anything else I should know?


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Default 06-19-2018, 08:03 AM

Glad you're enjoying the new found power!

You can change maps whenever you want, driving, stopped etc.

The firmware should know the difference between the cars, you shouldn't have to do anything.

Get a log on map 1 and map 2, save the CSV file and upload it in the support section so we can evaluate for you. 3rd gear pull from 2krpm till redline is usually best!

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