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Default MAJOR MISFIRE with 19Tturbos just installed - 06-02-2021, 03:25 PM

Hi guys,

So, my car was running great with the stock turbos and full bolt-ons and made 442HP at the wheels.

The oil level sensor hasn't worked for ages and kicked up a 2E7C BSD communication fault. After some research I found someone point out that this fault was either due to the the alternator, battery harness on top of the battery, water pump, oil level sensor on the sump or the DME. Ive changed everything except the DME and the oil level sensor still doesn't work.

A while ago the car wouldn't start and kicked up an A119 Power supply, el steering lock error and wouldn't start. After some dicking around on pro tool I got it to start. and it was fine. This error lead me to believe maybe I need a new CAS.

After this happened I did a bit if research about upgrading to an MSD81 DME and replacing the CAS at the same time. When the engine was out I decided to take out the injectors to get the part numbers off them to send to the coder when I get the MSD81 DME, could I have done something wrong taking the injectors out that are causing the errors and throwing thecar into limp mode?
I decided to get some 19T turbos, whilst I was at it I got a spool performance bucketless lpfp, 3.5 bar map sensor, helix pump, micron filter inlets, outlet, Eldor coil packs H&R antiroll bars, bilstein B16s, m3 from lower arms etc.

So the plan was a month downtime and on the road in a BEAST.

Unfortunately, this was not the case. As soon as I come on boost I get a host of errors ranging from 29DC Cylinder injection cutout, 29CD Combustion misfires, cylinder 1, 29D1 Combustion misfires, cylinder 5, 29CCCombustion misfire, several cylinders??

My tuner is confused and I'm annoyed about spending all this money on my daily driver only to find it painfully useless.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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Default 06-03-2021, 10:24 PM

29DC -- HPFP would be my first choice of culprits, especially with a Helix Overdrive unit on a older HPFP. Unless this was also replaced, but until you got a car running somewhat normal, I'd remove this item to eliminate some variables.

Another culprit would be to verify the external micron fuel filter unit is orientated correctly and check the filter itself is ok. I've had a filter with a end cap on it come off inside of the filter housing causing the fuel to be blocked at higher pressure causing starvation issues.

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Default 06-23-2021, 04:16 PM

Well, when I done my msd81 update everything went ok, I have dmtl codes that I’m figuring out, but no issues. I also spend a huge amount on this engine with 16t turbos, with just a map 5 tune, I got no errors. If your seeing misfires like that, I’d look into your fueling. That overdrive may be to much for hpfp, or look into plugs.
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Default 07-09-2021, 01:50 PM

Unfortunately because so many things were changed at once you now don't know where to find the fault. You could keep guessing all day or adopt a process that is guaranteed to find the solution. You need to back track by removing each variable one by one.

Right now you don't know if its the DME, the tune, bad wiring/ground, bad injector seals, mechanic error while working on the car i.e. pin in the wrong spot while wiring JB4. You have a whole lot going on and you'll keep throwing parts at it until you sell the car unless you methodically track it down or hire an expert mechanic to diagnose.

My guess is bad wiring because you had those problems even before those modifications.

good luck!

2011 335IS: DCI, VRSF Inlets, VRSF IC, VRSF DP, Stage 2 LPFP, E50 custom tune, N20, Dodson sportsman plus DCT clutch pack, M4 flywheel.

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