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Cool The Definitive MAX B48 Power Thread!!! - 01-20-2020, 03:46 PM

Sorry for the exaggerated title lol. Iím really sorry if this post is asking too much... Iím a noob on here and I donít think I have seen a post like this on here because not many people want to max out a B48... If this kind of post is not allowed or anything please feel free to take it down. Iím just throwing a dart in the dark and I hope I can get some info.

I am a novice in general when it comes to tuning or upgrading a cars HP/torque so I hope I can get some Noob questions answered and I apologize again if Im wasting anybodyís time, but I would GREATLY APPRECIATE any help and knowledge ...

So Iím looking to get the most out of my B48. At the moment I have a JB4 on Map5, as well as 30% Ethanol in my gas tank. I emailed terry about using ethanol and he advised that I could put 30% ethanol in my gas tank. So I put about 30% ethanol (E85 from Kroger) along with 93 gas from shell vpower. So hereís my first simple (probably stupid) question about Ethanol. I have seen this term thrown around online and Iím wondering if this is what it means... Does having 30% of your gas tank filled with ethanol mean you are using/ running an ďE30Ē setup?

2nd question... So Iím trying to get the most out of my B48 and from what Iíve researched, I believe Iím pretty limited with out a MHD BEF and I donít believe that is available for the B48 yet. I emailed Terry this: ďI am looking to put a WMI kit in my BMW 530e (G30 chassis w/B48). *Would I see benefits from using this without an MHD BEF? Would I be able to use the BMS B58 WMI kit on my B48? Would my JB4 be able to control the WMI in it alone? and lastly do I still use the 30% ethanol in my gas tank along with the WMI if that is possible?Ē He replied rather quickly( which I GREATLY appreciate) with: ďThe nozzles adapter is different, rest of the kit is the same. JB4 can control WMI only or do tuning. Usually don't need E85 with WMI.Ē

From what I can gather from this email and my limited knowledge I believe heís saying I can use 30% ethanol and map 5 with my JB4 OR use a WMI kit along with the JB4 and whatever the WMI map is. So if itís either or... what would give me the most HP/torque increase?

30% ethanol + JB4Map5


JB4 +WMI kit+WMI map?

Last Question... If WMI is the way to get the most out of my B48 how exactly do I go about getting this setup? Can I buy the B58 kit and modify it to work on my B48? Do I need to get the FTP charge pipe?

Once again, I greatly appreciate any help/knowledge and I apologize for wasting anyoneís time in helping me understand this!
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Default 03-10-2020, 09:08 AM

Get the FTP charge pipe if your running WMI.

For best results run both e30 and WMI, I ran only WMI and 93 and it was not as fast and i had a lot of annoying timing corrections making the car slower and inconsistent, after adding e30 to to the 93 and with WMI it was definitely the fastest combo and timing was more stable.

Get a single CM10 and run it at like 80% PWM, use progressive PWM pump control starting at 50% at 3000 up to 80% at 4500+ rpm.

Get a decent flash tune and use jb4 to dial in boost on top of it, I used the BM3 e30 OTS, and it worked well with JB4 and WMI and e30 fuel that you are using, only thing I didn't like is that it did not increase the stock 6500 RPM redline on my 120i, I needed a custom tune for that

Get the XHP Stage 3 trans flash tune, it shifts faster and is just more fun

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