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Reload this Page J. Dub's build: A badgless E92 faux M pre-LCI adventure *VIDEO INSIDE*
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Car: 335i
Default J. Dub's build: A badgless E92 faux M pre-LCI adventure *VIDEO INSIDE* - 11-17-2015, 02:30 PM

I say faux M because the door sills displaying M power on them bothers me considering I own a 335i not an M3. But I digress before the M sport fan boys start trolling.
A back story on myself. I am 31 years young & actively seeking not to grow up. I've been married once and I'm fairly confident I'll never be doing that again. I have always considered myself a car guy but I fail at being a purist, I'll admit. I'm FAR more into modern vehicles with tech and gadgets than I am into old school vehicles. In fact the oldest vehicle I own is 2001 Plymouth Prowler. But even it has power everything. I've also been into modifying my vehicles w/ creature comforts.
Here is my last finished Custom Build:Custom Lexus
And here is my Custom Build I was forced to abandon: Hi-Boy Prowler
And here is my old Daily Driver Build:Custom Insight

Enough about the back story, let's get on with the 'why I'm here':
I'm here because I want a vehicle that is awd, 2-door, glass roof, heated and cooled seats, contains "drama features" such as side mirrors that fold out upon unlocking the car, interior lights that fade out like a movie theater upon starting, a steering wheel that retracts when exiting, and comes forward when starting the car, headlights that move about in attempts to find a center line upon starting the vehicle, and adapt to turns in the road, along with 0-60 in under 4. The only vehicle that seems to match that criteria is the new 2016 Jaguar F-type. But it's far too expensive for my current budget.
So I started looking for other vehicles with glass roofs. And that pointed me to the 2010-2014 mustangs. Huge glass roof. Problem is they're all over the streets where I live. Everyone has one here in my state. I'm into being different. I was also pointed to a corvette as it too has a glass roof (although it's blue tint is an eye sore). But sadly, they are also a dime a dozen.
So I started looking for something unique. Rather than focusing on the glass roof idea.
I thought hard on a 2009 Pontiac Solstice Coupe (not to be mistaken with the dime a dozen convertible solistices). Very rare car. Only 1266 were ever made. But it lacked a V-8 sadly. One can be shoe horned in. Many owners have done it. However, doing so would again go past my budget. Furthermore, the interior lacks much refinement that the e90 gives.
So here I am w/ a E92 335i M-sport. I've finally found the car that fits my budget and has things on it I like. And I also fit. My size 14 shoe doesn't get stuck under the dash from moving to brake from accelerator pedal. And my legs & buttocks are comfortable on long commutes. I'm 6ft 3 and, sadly, many vehicles don't fit me well. I LOVE the seat under leg extenders.
Now I admit that the first thought of owning a BMW meant I must be a pompous prick. I'm so use to the idea of a BMW being built for those 40+ year old mid life crisis rich guys. It wasn't until 2 months ago that I really looked at what the e92 offered with an open mind. Then I fell in love with the platform due to the modability of the TT engine, folding side mirrors, decent visibility, and TRUE adaptive headlights. I heard a video on youtube of a 135i w/ full ******* exhaust, *********, & BOV. It was then that I decided to look for a N54/N55 vehicle. I found this 335i that had every option I wanted sans heated seats and comfort access. I didn't think I'd like the coral red interior. My first thought was, "I like attention, but not the type of attention that makes it seem like I didn't get enough tit from my mother as a child so now I'm an overgrown, insecure, man child." But, later I saw it in person and noticed it's not as "bright and vivid" as photos make it appear. So I fell hard for the interior color and it's uniqueness.
:Onwards to the actual build:

-Backup camera (not yet installed)
-Coded digital speedo
-Coded DVD in motion for passenger/long trips
-Coded one touch start button key eject
-Coded wipers to return to resting position even if car is shut off
-Coded windows still function even if door is open upon turning car off
-Coded windows still have power for up to 2 min after car is shut off
-Coded side mirrors fold on lock/unlock
-Custom brackets for CF hood struts/shocks (no external pins)
-FlashLogic Remote Start / keyless entry from cell phone (literally leave key at home)

35% tint on entire windshield
20% tint all other windows
-Rubber all weather floor mats F&R w/ trunk
-5k white LED interior lamps
-Removed front dome light all together (too bright)
-Refreshed driver side seat via re-dye (sold seats 6/1/16)
-Removed warning stickers on visors (I still want to order european visors)
-Removed rear seat center tray sliding door (no more rattle)
-Removed rear seats (weight savings/sold 6/1/16)
-Fake floor/wall being built in place of rear seats (pending)
-Gloss black vinyl over all silver interior pieces (video below)
-(Update) Vinyl was coming up, so I sanded and gloss blacked all interior trim
-Fixed steering wheel trim flaking via sanding for below mod
-Matte black vinyl over steering wheel emblem & trim
Flat bottom flat top perforated leather sides / smooth U&L M3 steering wheel **SELLING**
-Flat bottom no top perforated sides / smooth U&L steering wheel (1 of 1 in the world)
-M3 DCT paddle modules **update SOLD**
-Pedal Haus black extended perforated paddles w/ red indicators **update/SOLD**
-Custom vinyl lettering on shift knob in gloss black **SELLING shift knob**
-Removed P,R,N,D transmission window & installed shift boot out of manual E9x
-Custom shift knob ball. Lower than stock auto shift knob. Weighted/heavier (1 of 1 in the world)
-Custom vinyl lettering under airbag in matte black
-Vinyl photo on airbag roundel in matte black
-VAC motorsports floor mount adapters (modified slightly w/ bigger holes to fit recaro's)
-Custom stitched (modified side bolsters by moving them in 1" for tighter fit & to clear seat belt butler) recaro sporsters w/ heating elements top & bottom & electric lower lumbar support (1 of 1 in the world)

Sound Dampened:
-Entire rear shelf under back glass
-License plate
-Seat belt plastic "case"

-Removed/filled/shaved all exterior badges
-Filled/shaved headlamp washer cutouts
-Filled/shaved side front bumper reflectors
-Removed front fog lights
-Removed all stickers on door jambs
-Removed all lower bumper mesh
-Cut / shaved lower bumper mesh trim holders
-Painted inner parts of bumper gloss black
-Removing front side turn signal lamps
-Vorsteiner cf hood (painted)
-Custom mesh under hood painted red (being installed @ body shop)
-M3 side skirts modified to fit without door gap
-Painted Performance rear spoiler gloss black
-Painted side mirrors gloss black
-Painted roof rails gloss black
-Painted front grills gloss black
-Painted lower rear bumper valence gloss black
-Painted (high temp) exhaust tips gloss black
-Painted (high temp) rotor hats gloss black
-Painted (high temp) brake calipers gloss red
-Vinyl roof gloss black (should have painted it)
-Powder coated factory 19" sport wheels gloss black
-In memory of friends & family on rear glass in gloss black vinyl

Exterior Lighting:
-5k halo's (soon to be OSS square halo's)
-5k LED turn signals F&R
-5k LED reverse lights
-5k LED license plate lights
-Retrofited headlights by lightwerkz w/ custom red cutoff shields, red demon eye LED, gloss black painted internal plastics, OEM ZKW clear lens for sharper cutoff, 5k Morimoto bulbs, inner lens modified to appear like a projector, & imola red strips on the projector shroud
-LCI tail lights (not yet installed)

-F&R Blackvue DR600
-Sti/Magnum RD (2008 MY w/ rare extended antenna=wire bonded) **SELLING**
-ZR4 laser shifter (soon to be ALP) **SELLING**
-Waze auto launch via nfc on cell (hacked Arnold voice)
-Magnetic holster mounted on the driver side center console for my CC

-Autobahn Exotic aka Always evolving exhaust (RIP Paul)
*Removed the AE muffler to acquire burbbles and pops* Straight ***** from turbos back now
-RB pcv valve (selling)
-RB external PCV dual CC system
-Helix black fmic (I want to re-paint it gloss black)
-VRSF heat treated/coated ********
-BMS Replacement ******** Gaskets/Hardware
-OEM DV's but removed the hoses & plugged the 2 intake ***** (venting to atmosphere)
-(Update) VRSF chargepipe w/ TS BOV
CP-e DCI's (dry filter)
-MHD stage 2 93oct beta tester for Ken (now running e40)
-Alpina TCU flashed
-Cyba scoops (for under hood temps)
-Vorsteiner hood (for under hood temps)
-Removed entire cowl (for under hood temps)
-Removed vacuum caninsters
-Removed all under vehicle body panels (for under hood temps & easier access)
-BMS cowl filters (for reason above)
-AD engineering oil thermostat (not yet installed)
-Shell T6 5w40 synth & Mann hu816x filter
-NGK 5992 gapped to .022 (ordered-not installed-factory plugs working good so far)

-M3 upper & lower front control arms
-Possibly delete the alignment pin for more camber articulation
-LSD ordered w/ Vwetish Diff kit aka wheel hop kit

-Starch and iron passenger seat belt for belt butler
-Replace fluids in trans, rear diff (wait for LSD install)
-Replace trans mounts
-Replace engine mounts with the 335is mounts
-Find 4 screws for BMS cowl filters (FOUND & installed)
-Fix window scratch issue by cutting door rubber (done 5/23/16)
-Clean/condition all rubber weather seals
-Clean & wipe all interior felt w/ tape
-Eventually an injector cleaning and walnut blasting will be needed (unless I go PI)
-Thrust bushings will eventually fail
-Eventually an HD radiator
-Find two more screws for license plate w/ black covers

**MISC** **MISC** **MISC** **MISC** **MISC** **MISC** **MISC** **MISC** **MISC** **MISC** **MISC**
-5/24/16 Removed both vacuum canisters & logged before and after. No change in any logs.
-5/23/16 Made app with BMW to diagnose smoking issue out of one tail pipe. I think it's my valve stem seals.
-Oil change 5/12/16 @ 90k miles
-Rough cold starts... Investigating if leaking injectors
-Installed passenger recaro seat for test fitment 3/17/16
-Sent headlights to lightwerkz 3/15/16 for clear lens, custom cutoff, painted shield, demon eyes, etc...
-Cleaned up & cut/modified the passenger side window felt that was streaking my windows/cutting into tint & re-did tint job
-Ordered new inner driver window rubber/weather strip
-Made DIY on fixing the window streaking issue youtube.com/watch?v=hbfuYYB3OGE
-Modified stock intake manifold for bigger vacuum boost hose to BOV
-Removed under engine, & both frontal wheel panels 2/21/16
-Removed passenger seat -64lbs- (measuring-prep for recaro's) 2/21/16
-Removed rear bench seat & seat belts 2/21/16
-Oil changed @85,562 miles on 2/19/16
-New turbo's installed @ 81,242 miles on 12/23/15 (Thanks2Gus & CPO)
-New injectors installed @ 79k miles on 11/17/15 (Thanks2 BMWofLR & CPO)
-Oil changed @ 78k miles on 11/15/15
-Rear main seal fixed under CPO 9/18/15 (Thanks2 BMWofLR & CPO)
-New engine installed under CPO 7/23/15 (Thanks2Danny & CPO)

Future mods:
-Silicone one piece hot side inlets for stock turbos
-Silicone one piece outlets
-Apply gloss black vinyl on door lighting strip (sand 1st)
-Possibly 7" Pioneer app radio (if I can tie into factory speakers w/ oem nav)
-M3 side mirrors w/ power folding capability
-Port Injection w/ LPFP from lcvette (I want to be on 100% E85) no meth
-Ohlins coilovers w/ swift springs (corner balance)
-20x12 rear wheels gloss black (modified fenders)
-19x10 front wheels gloss black
-research on sway bars, braces, rear arms, body mounts, etc...
-OSS design square rings w/ matching color temp LED switchback eyebrow

My favorite mods:
-Removing the buzzing/rattling rear seat tray sliding door
-In memory of friends/family names that have passed in vinyl on rear window

Wish I had mods:
-Same grab handle passenger door has on driver door
-panoramic roof
-Front bumper camera w/ front parking sensors
-Comfort access
-Heated flat bottom steering wheel
-Heated & cooled seats recaro sporster seats
-Remote trunk closure and open (see 7 series)
-V8, AWD, & panoramic roof (basically a Jaguar F-type)

Latest photos/videos 1st

Put what feels like a huge hole in my finger due to working on my chargepipe. As the say, I put blood & sweat in this build (like all my builds)

Coding w/ Joe@Topgearsolutions

They put me in VIP without me asking... The build is starting to get noticed and take flight

My girl is testing out the new racing seats

We finally made it to the race track

Bugs from the trip










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J. Dub J. Dub is offline
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Default 03-18-2016, 11:18 AM

Updated the OP with more pics.
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J. Dub J. Dub is offline
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Car: 335i
Default 03-24-2016, 07:46 AM

Updated OP with more pics.
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Default 03-24-2016, 03:30 PM

Whoa, let's add slightly nsfw in the title. Lol.
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Car: 335i
Default 03-27-2016, 07:42 PM

Originally Posted by joeinsd
Whoa, let's add slightly nsfw in the title. Lol.
my bad.
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J. Dub J. Dub is offline
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Car: 335i
Default 06-06-2016, 08:30 AM

Updated the OP with more photos and video
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Default 09-24-2016, 11:44 AM

Fresh af

Jb4 g5 , bms dci, er fmic , active d.ps , bms charge pipe, tial bov -2008 335i
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Default 10-15-2016, 07:35 PM

Great Build.

2012 e92 LCI 335i Msport
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Default 10-31-2016, 01:44 PM

That interior is amazing.

You are the man!

498WHP / 516TQ : 10/29/16

VTT Stage 1 + Billet Wheel | VTT Inlets | VTT PCV Valve | JB4 G5 ISO | BMS E85 Flash | Fuel It Stage 2 | ECS TwinTake| Stett Vacuum Canisters | Hartge Stepped FMIC | VRSF DP | 91Oct w/E50 | BMS Cowl Filters | Located in Denver, Colorado - High Altitude!

Maintenance: EKPM3-DE @ 74K | Water pump & T-stat @ 70K | Valve Cover @ 50K | VTT Turbo @ 70K | HPFP @ 65K | Walnut Blasting @ 65K | 6 Injectors @ 55K | Vacuum lines @ 55K | Spark Plugs @ 75K | Boost Solenoid @ 65K
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