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Unhappy JB4 + d p fix -> Still codes - 05-21-2019, 12:35 PM

Hi everyone,

I have installed BMS N54 d p fix on my 2009 e93 335i, and I have two codes right now: 2c32 and 2c6a. I have connected directly to the JB4, according to the BMS d p fix guide from 01/18/2010.
I have cleared the codes and did a drive cycle, codes come back after that. I already turned down the d p fix from 5pm to 7pm. After each change I clear codes, I reset 02 sensor (using JB4 menu 1/7) and I do the drive cycle - all the time on map0.

Am I doing something wrong here? First thing that came to my mind is that maybe I shouldn't connect the d p fix to the JB4, but to the ECU itself (given that I want to have no codes on map 0). Should I consider faulty 02 sensor?

Thank you in advance for any support.
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Default 05-22-2019, 10:10 AM

Assuming that you wired it up according to the instructions it should work... One thing I will say though, I installed mine about a year and a half ago at 5 o'clock and it worked. I left it in, but discovered that leaving it in long term screws with your long term fuel trims, so the recommendation is to definitely take it out.

When I took it out it was very difficult as the pins from the fix (mine was VRSF) are slightly larger than what came in the harness and so the wires pulled out of the pin before the pin came out of the harness. I mangled both the male and female connectors on the fix and couldn't locate my original jumper wires so had to reorder some. Once everything was buttoned back up with the new jumpers I'm getting weird fluctuations in my bank 1 post *** 02 sensor - I replaced it, but still seeing that one's voltage cycling up and down.

Apparently the size of the connectors from the fix can push the corresponding connectors out of whack. So you may want to make sure that the connectors are seating right.

I just ordered various connectors from ECS to put on the fix so that the next go round won't be a hassle...

'07 335 sedan, Stage 2 VVT, VVT inlets/outlets, VVT DCI, Phoenix CP with Tial BV, 3.5 bar TMAP sensor, Spec twin disk clutch with SMF, BMS OCC, RB PCV valve, ***less ***, VRSF catback with Vibrant *** installed, ETS 5" intercooler, Fuel-It stage 2 fuel pump, Fuel-It 650HP LPFP upgrade with 525 pump, JB4 with custom Trebila BEF, Phoenix PI intake manifold /w 550cc injectors, Fuel-it fuel lines, ethanol sensor and analyzer
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Default 05-22-2019, 12:21 PM

I want to echo the above statement - after keeping the fix in for ~6 months, I ran into LTFT issues. I had the fix removed on Monday and am working to get my trims/afrs back to stable.

Another note - depending on your firmware, option 1/7 is likely no longer resetting your o2 adaptations. You're looking for option 1/4.

Check post 3 of this page for more info: E Series N54 JB4 - N54Tech.com - International Turbo Racing Discussion

Best of luck.
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Default 05-23-2019, 06:17 AM

Thank you all,

So far I've tried tweaking the fix a couple of times, got to two codes only: 2c31 and 2c6a.
Then I was thinking that I'm almost turning down my fix to 0, which meas as if it's not there at all... so maybe I plugged in the wires incorrectly. I checked the instructions and they say:

"the single black male wire goes in directly above 19."

When I was installing the fix, I read through them and then I did take a look at the picture, and did as the picture suggested, although it seems like on the picture it's connected directly above 20...

I carefully inspected my job and I decided that I need to switch from 20 to 19 - all the guidelines (apart from the picture) points towards the other place.

#Edit: Is there any way to check if my sensors/monitors are in the ready state? I only have JB4 with USB cable as of now.

No codes yet, gonna do the full drive cycle and make sure everything is on point! Will let you know!

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