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Exclamation Coolant in Oil, Smoke from Engine Bay and Foul Smell - New Valve Seals & Head Gasket - 01-20-2018, 07:57 AM

I'll try to keep this short.
6 months ago my crank bolt backed out and my pistons punched the exhaust valves.

I got a new head, got new valve seals installed and the head cleaned before putting it in. When putting it in I used a Victor Reinz head gasket, as well as a new valve cover gasket, new oil filter housing gasket, new oil cooler thermostat housing gasket.

As the weather got cold some weird crap started happening. One morning when I started the car my oil filter cap cracked and spewed all of my oil everywhere..... that was fun to clean up. I got a new cap from dealer, new belt and went along my merry way.

The car has started making weird popping noises from the engine bay and releasing smoke which comes into the cabin and smells terrible.... I think I am slowly being poisoned to death.
Suspecting the PCV system I changed to a lower mileage extra valve cover that came with the new head and a new valve cover gasket.... smoke is still happening.
I also swapped my high mileage RB PCV valve for a new OEM one... it smokes less than it did with the RB one but it's still doing it....

Now here's the real kicker, my coolant is disappearing and I don't see a leak anywhere.... I'm having to top-up my coolant every 3-4 weeks. So I did a compression test; results were:
165, 165, 165, 163, 165, 156 on a cold engine
Under the oil filler cap is milky like a milk shake.

Could coolant be getting into my oil through the turbos? (since my head gasket, oil filter housing gasket, and oil cooler thermostat housing gasket are all brand new.....)

I am ready to buy the RB external PCV system and the Mishimoto catch can to install on the low-side but I fear this is only going to fix part of my problem since it wouldn't fix the fact that I have coolant mixing into my oil somehow...

Help please!

More info on the car:
Block: 100k miles
Head: 173k miles w/ new valve seals
Turbos: 173k miles w/ new o-rings on the lines and new waste gate actuators
New index 12 fuel injectors
BMS oil catch can on the 'high-side' of the system
(have tried 2 different valve covers with new gaskets as explained above)
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Default 01-20-2018, 08:26 AM

I would recheck the oil filter housing seal as well.


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Default 01-20-2018, 09:06 AM

Was it a new head or a 'new' used head? Did you check it for warpage? Did you replace the head bolts? When you torqued the head did you follow the correct torque pattern? Did you do a straight torque or do a torque + angle deflection?

What does a wet compression test show? FYI: do your compression test with all plugs removed.

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Totaled by a careless driver:
'08 E92 335, M sport option
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Car: 2007 BMW 335i
Default 01-20-2018, 09:33 AM

It was a ‘new’ used head but yes it was checked for warpage by the engine shop that did the valve seals and cleaned it, it was well within spec. We used all new bolts and followed the torque specs and sequence in the Bentley manual to a T.

I’m guessing by wet compression test you mean 2-3 drops of oil from a syringe before doing the test? Haven’t done that yet but I will do it today and report back. All plugs were out when doing compression test and fuel injectors unhooked so they don’t spray fuel
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Default 01-20-2018, 08:02 PM

Well couple things, if your leaking, it's either in or out. If it's in, it's blowing, or burning, does it smell thru the exhaust? Do an oil sample asap, 160' numbers look good for 175k, the 156 may be a concern, how was that plug on that cylinder. What steps were takin when the head was off, and can you be 100% certain there wasn't piston damage? The milky substance is condensation, change the oil, and clean the pvc system. There may be a hairline crack, or an issue with the head/ gasket. Keep an eye on the plugs.
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Join Date: Dec 2013
Car: 2007 BMW 335i
Default 01-21-2018, 03:24 PM

There wasn't any piston damage, when the crank bolt backed out and the pistons hit the valves I was cruising in 6th gear going low speed so they didn't get punched very hard.

The compression test results in my original post were from just over a month ago, done on a cold engine and no oil squirted onto the piston.

I just did 3 new compression tests today:
COLD-DRY: 155, 153, 152, 159, 155, 155
COLD-WET: 178, 179, 178, 185, 186, 179 (I only had a short syringe so I couldn't accurately drip only 2-3 drops in, I ended up squirting nearly an entire syringe worth into each cylinder)
HOT-DRY: 165, 162, 168, 165, 165, 162

Compression test results look fine..
All 6 spark plugs look fine, no abnormalities on any of them.
I also got the engine to operating temp, drove a bit, let it cool down for half-hour then released reservoir cap and ran the engine with it off.... no bubbling in the reservoir.
Exhaust doesn't really smell like anything and no excessive smoking.

One thing I forgot to mention on my original post, when I changed the valve cover to the extra lower-milage one I had laying around about a month ago - I also had to change my HPFP at the same time.
While I had the intake manifold off I noticed coolant/water sitting on top of the valve closer to the firewall in cylinder 5, I'm guessing because the PCV is dumping it there from the hole in the head above the valves.....

This problem is very weird and I'm having a hard time figuring out exactly what is wrong here.... I don't want to waste time trying to clean the valve cover PCV system since it never really gets 100% clean, I would rather just eliminate it from the equation completely.

I'm about to start firing the parts-cannon starting with $550 CAD to get the low-side RB external PCV system and Mishimoto catch can to my doorstep........ followed by swapping to an extra set of lower-mileage turbos that I have laying around...

Any other suggestions? I might test the coolant for exhaust/combustion gases using one of those test kits you can buy at a parts store.... but at this point I'm pretty comfortable that the head gasket is not the problem.
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