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Default Cracking The DCT Software..... Is It Possible? - 05-06-2018, 02:48 AM

Was just wondering if anyone had heard anything about whether the DCT software is/has been cracked? Something similar to XHP for the ATs?

Was looking at a few LSD threads to make sure I'd coded out my e-Diff correctly and stumbled across this (the quote below is over a year so I'm guessing it's speculation, although I have heard others rumours of some BIN mapping, albeit pretty much limited to final drive ratios?):-

Originally Posted by bfleming View Post
I had a reply from my tuner...

Reprogramming ratios with a DCT gearbox is not so easy. For the last 6 months we have been able to modify the gearbox data of the DCT. But the ecu of the gearbox is attached to the it. You can see here:


I don't recommend removing the whole control unit from the gearbox housing. So I only can change the data direct on the plug at the gearbox.
We`re working on a solution to change the data with a normal d-can cable on the OBD-plug. At the moment this only works if you've changed some data before with the direct plug method.
The next problem is we still don't have all the data we need, at the moment we can change clutch pressure, shift points and shift speed.
It's very hard to get information on this. We're still in development.
This confirms much of what I've heard; that the dct is being cracked and decoded as we speak.
As I mentioned, I'm not having any big issues. The only noticeable thing that happens is when I shift gears, the tach moves to where it thinks the engine should be, but because of the final drive change, the engine is actually moving faster than expected. The tach then moves to catch up to where the engine is actually at. I believe this to be visual only as the sound of the engine remains constant.
It does affect my shift points in automatic mode, the car holds the gear for a little too long in sport mode. Not a big deal because I'm manually controlling the gears 99.9% of the time. D mode is unaffected.
I will get the tools to look for any codes and see if the car thinks there's a problem. But I'd love to follow the progress of your tuner on the dct work. Excited to see what they will be capable of once they've been fully unlocked.

The thread it's lifted from focusses on reprogramming final drive ratios and doesn't really expand more on the 'cracked and decoded' / 'fully unlocked' comments

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Default 05-08-2018, 06:55 AM

Subd for updates
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Default 06-04-2018, 02:58 PM

Yup what he said ^^^^
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