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Exclamation N55 injector replacement questions - 06-05-2019, 11:03 PM

So Ive recently ran into a few issues with my car that is all explained in my last post, I'm not going to be diving deep into whats going on with it so just go read my other post if interested. Anyways from troubleshooting and p3106 code(INJECTOR 2 SHORT CIRCUIT) i received Im going to be replacing my e92 N55s injector. I got the new injector in which has a part number of 13647597870 according to FCP euro and BMW itself this injector will work on my car with that being said i get the injector in and pull out injector 2 and notice a difference between the stock injector and the injector i just ordered. i compared the part numbers and they are both very different but both are said to work on my car and this was confirmed by BMW and FCP Euro. Stock injector part number 13537568607. Now if u look up both part numbers and compare photos of both injectors (photos linked below) they are noticeably different from each other. So i went to install the new injector after confirming it works on my car by BMW and notice the metal retention bracket that holds both injectors in will no longer fit on, the injector seats properly and is the perfect position but for what ever reason the bracket just wont fit on and doesn't look like it wont be holding the new injector in place what so ever. I did some further research and found that the injector i ordered i believe comes stock off of a N20 engine and they have a slightly different retaining system. After finding all this out you might suggest to me to just return the injector and buy the right one, well in normal cases thats what i would be doing, I was fortunate enough to get the brand new injector that is said to work on my car for a quarter of the price that they normally are and i can only get this part number 13647597870 injector for that price. I spoke to BMW on the phone and they said they talked to some techs and the techs said that n55 engines have certain index numbers that must be compatible with the rest of injectors, i am very familiar with this for the n54 but Ive never heard of a index number on N55 injectors i made sure that they were not misunderstanding me and that they were indeed talking about n55 and it according to them both n54 and n55s have indexed injectors not just n54. anyways so they told me that i would most likely need to replace all 6 injectors in order for this part number 13647597870 injector to work. Now with that being said i would much rather spend $25 each and get the rest of the injectors instead of buying one stock injector(part #:13537568607) for $100. Im worried that if i purchase the rest of the injectors(part #:13647597870) that they might not work properly since the retaining bracket doesn't seem to do anything or fit at all. I was wondering if anyone has experience with replacing e-series n55 injectors and if they could give me some insight on what i should do. If possible i would rather just stick to the injectors i originally purchase (part #:13647597870) since i can get all 6 for the price of 2 normally. This post is a bit confusing since theres no real way to explain one injector from the other but please bare with me and i will answer any questions if you have confusion.

Stock injector Image:
Purchased Injector Image:
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