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Default 2011 X5 50i questions - 12-21-2020, 02:32 PM

Looking to bump this thing up a bit.

1. Who's running the JB4 and happy with it? I have it on my 335, and it's fine. But, there's no backend flash for the N63, so worried a bit about throwing codes and such.

2. Are there other options out there for the N63 that are comparable or better?

3. Down p1pes... Any recommendations? I've seen some cheap chinesium ones on ebay for under $300. I know that sounds ghetto, but I know someone that just bought some for an audi and was very happy with them.

Edit: Down p1pes spelled that way because the forum software censors the word "p1pes".
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Default 12-21-2020, 04:38 PM

1. I had an early beta on my 2011 750. It helped some, but not nearly as much as it helps the 6’s.

2. BM3 does support the early N63. Not sure if it’s a backend flash or a full tune.

3. Not much point. The N63 and S63 share them. They don’t become a restriction until you raise the boost on the S63, so I’m not seeing them being much of a restriction on the N63.

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Default 12-21-2020, 05:48 PM

The N63 is just one of those platforms that is plagued with problems. A basic JB4 setup with TMAP connections and CANbus will add a good bit of power with minimal headaches on map1 or map2. I wouldn't do any additional mods personally. Just not worth the misfire headaches.

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Default 12-23-2020, 12:06 AM

ESS tuning makes a backend for the X5 50i. I am running their stage 1 plus jb4 map 1. Currently hits 16 to 18psi depending on ambient temps. Completely transformed the truck, now runs mid 12's and low 4 second zero to sixty, and this is with a slow shifting transmission (163k miles). It's every bit as fast as a M now. You MUST run octane booster plus some e85 with this setup or your timing will get pulled.

I don't have any issues with misfires but as Terry said this platform can have issues. You must install 2 step colder ngk plugs and ELDOR coils. You also need to have index 12 injectors. I could not get the X5 n63 file to read anything through the ob2 so just used the normal n63, reads most of the data now for logging.

I absolutely love to power it has now and higly reccomend it. ESS will give you stage 2 tune also when you ask for it free but must use min 94octane and you will need to upgrade tmaps if you stack jb4 with stage 2

And BTW, on X5 if you floor it the kickdown switch it turns off alternator, voltage will plummet to under 12v, that's a 2volt loss which is almost 6000 volts at the sparkplugs, this will cause misfires. Don't floor it to the kickdown switch if you run this tune and make sure your fog lights are on so it overrides the BS smart charging system. You want your plugs to get every volt it can to avoid misfires. Ask me how I know this.

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