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Default Revival of a 08 E93! Feel free to advise! - 04-13-2017, 12:09 AM

Revival of a 08 E93! Help still needed for a few loose ends!
Just here to share my story so far, and to get some help on the last few things I need to get repaired/fixed/operational. I have recently acquired a hand me down 2008 E93 BMW 335i Convertible with 100k+ miles, and let's just say it was not in the best condition.

1. Immediately upon driving the car, I noticed that it was misfiring and if I sped up enough, the engine went into safe mode. Did some research, contacted a shop in Houston to take a look, and they said that it was dirty valves which needed blasting and I needed to replace the valve cover gaskets. Dropped some money as a college kid(~$600), and got it done! It drove like a charm afterwards, no misfires, nothing!

2. That same day I went to *** for a new tire, and when they backed the BMW off the lift, they ripped the bumper off and dislocated it. (Not a lowered car) Gladly, *** finally filed an insurance claim on the incident and I got the issue resolved nicely.

3. A week after the Walnut blast for the valves and the gaskets, I start smelling gas in the cabin. It was noticeable and VERY strong when I was stopped. I also noticed a drop in my overall range of the vehicle (Was losing at least 60 miles to the tank). So I popped open the hood to take a look.. and sure enough, there was a leaking injector. Between work and school, I did not have time to go back up to houston to see the mechanic that did the work on my car earlier, so I took things into my own hands. http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=651538 <-- Huge help. I downloaded INPA, ordered a set of 6 new injectors for cheap, and got to work. Took me relatively 2 hours to swap them all out and code them into the car.

4. I reset the codes, drove it around a bit and keep getting a code for an O2 sensor I believe. "P0174: Bank 2 System Too Lean" I plan and dropping some sea foam on the next fill up and making sure its Premium gas, cuz IDK what they've been putting in here for the valves to look that bad. Will keep you updated on this. [Update] I had a leaking boost solenoid which after I replaced the P0174 code never came back but a new code: "29E1(JB4) fuel mixture control 2" came up. Only code which pops on car, so I'm pretty sure it's the O2 sensor now and changing that will take a good day so I've been putting it off.

5. The cup holder was stuck and would not come out unless it was pried out. I had to do something about that for sure. http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=559826 <-- Follow this if you have a similar issue, it worked for me and I like it this way a lot better! (Plus the cup holder actually works now!)

a.) Installed a JB4 G5.. Amazing!

b.) Installed a DCI.. Sounds niceee!

c.) There is a boost leak somewhere, but after checking all the lines, they all held pressure. I checked the Solenoids, and one of them holds pressure and it slowly loses pressure(from 15psi it will take 30 or more seconds to go to 0), and the other one holds but it definitely leaks out faster than the other on (from 15psi it will take 4-5 seconds or less to go to zero). I want to say this is the reason behind why I am getting a 30FF Pressure below target code. This only happens sometimes, and usually on a lower gear when I'm doing a pull. [UPDATE] Replaced the leaky boost solenoid and my vacuum pressure is back up to 13psi where it should be on map 1! So I'm a happy camper other than the O2 sensor which I need to replace.

6. Driver seat unlatched leather repair? I am stuck on this one.. I do not know how I can DIY this and have not found anything on this forum about any fixes. Taking it to a shop is my last option haha (college kid budget)

7. I know I need to replace the suspension and coils, but I can hold off on that. I'm leaning towards ST Coilovers but I'm a college kid and nice things cost money, so I'll wait. FYI: not planning to track the car but I do want it to handle well around the corners and have a good ride(I don't mind it if it's a little more stiff than stock).

8. Both of the side skirts have gashes in them, this is the worst gash:

I would like for them to be fixed, but buying brand new ones is out of the question at the moment. I thought about patching it up using body filler or something similar and making sure it was flush with the rest of the skirt and then wrapping them. But I'm unsure if that will come out looking well.

9. OPTIONAL: The yellow halo rings are just BLEHHHHHH. Getting a recommendation on a replacement white bulb for the optical cable halo's would be great!

10. Just found out today that the led on the passenger inner tail light is dead...which means I have to replace that one part or get a whole new set of lights. If you have any good options on this, it would be great! Thank you!

11. ********* should be shipped out soon and I'll probably do a write up/video of that and update this too!

I'm a very happy e93 n54 owner right now! The car is a piece of art and I love that I've been able to help it reach its potential from how it was before, and I really have to thank the forums for all their help as well!

If you have read this far, I appreciate it since that is all I have for now! I will keep you all updated on the progress of things as I find them out or after they happen! Feel free to DM me if you had any questions.
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