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Question '17 PFL Audi S3 8V - P008700 fuel delivery fault on Map 1 - 09-29-2020, 09:34 AM

Hi All,

I sent these logs to George but following up here while awaiting a response.
Figure he must be busy busy!
Seeking some community guidance and hopefully a better understanding of how to read logs and what are "safe" readings for this model car.

Am having a consistent problem with a P008700 fault code whenever the car hits 100 MPH in 4th. No CEL on dash but the code is there using OBDEleven.

JB4 is installed on a 2017 pre-facelift Audi S3 with Racingline CAI, intake pipe and turbo inlet as well as a factory resonator delete and factory Audi Sport exhaust.

All logs were run at sea level over the same stretch of road with ESC off and in Dynamic mode using (US/AKI) 90 octane fuel.
FOL is set to 40 and Auto Shift Redux is 60.

The two logs below are a Map 0 third gear pull just to get a baseline.

DataZap Map 0 Third gear

The next 2 logs are a Map 1 third gear pull.

Datazap Map 1 Third gear

To show the fuel fault problem, the log below was with launch control through to the start of 5th gear with FOL set at 45.
0-60 of 3.5s from the logs seems healthy?

Datazap Map 1 1st to 4th gear at FOL 45

Running FOL at 35 gets rid of the fault code but George didn't seem to think running the FOL that low was a good idea?
1-4th gear pull with LC and FOL at 35 is shown below.
Any guidance on the bad parts of this log would be very helpful.

Data Zap Map 1 1st to 4th gear at FOL 35

I am new to logging cars but having been reading up and trying to learn and understand the relationships between the parameters. Eager to learn more and be guided.

Any thoughts on why the consistent fault code and what settings are required to avoid it? Above all, want to make sure that running the map with this fuel and these IAT will not damage the vehicle long term.


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