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Default BMS JB Stage 1 for 1.8T, 2.0T 210hp, 220hp and 230hp - 06-14-2015, 09:08 AM

Use subject to terms and conditions posted at http://www.burgertuning.com/terms.html

THIS PART IS LEGAL FOR USE ONLY IN COMPETITION RACING VEHICLES AS DEFINED UNDER CALIFORNIA LAW, AND IS NOT LEGAL FOR USE IN ANY OTHER MOTOR VEHICLE. California law defines a "racing vehicle" as "a competition vehicle not used on public highways." (Calif. Health & Safety Code 39048) This part may only be used on competition racing vehicles operated exclusively on a closed course in conjunction with a sanctioned racing event. Competition-only motor vehicles may not be driven to a racing event on a public highway and must be transported on a trailer or other carrier. USE OF THIS PART IN ANY OTHER VEHICLE MAY SUBJECT YOU TO FINES AND PENALTIES FOR VIOLATION OF FEDERAL AND/OR STATE LAW, WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY FROM BURGER MOTORSPORTS, LLC, AND CAN VOID YOUR VEHICLE'S WARRANTY. It is your responsibility to comply with all applicable federal and state laws relating to use of this part, and Burger Motorsports, LLC hereby disclaims any liability resulting from the failure to use this part in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws.

UPDATED 25.09.2015

We have finally reached a point where we have released our JB Stage 1 offering.
The unit is called a stage 1 or JB1 as it is called on the VW forums because it is a simpler unit compared to the yet to be released JB4 and does not signify stage tuning as one is use to when it comes to flash tuning.

These units are now available and a ready for order at http://burgertuning.com/vw_volkswage...JB1_tuner.html

The JB1 is a true plug and play tune offering safe and adjustable gains. It can be installed and removed in minutes.

Install instructions:
Install instructions can be found here: http://burgertuning.com/instructions...G_EA888_G3.pdf

The JB Stage 1 is suitable for the EA888 Gen 3 motors with Golf 1.8T and 2.0T covering 210, 220hp and 230hp version for the North American and ROW market with dual injection.
The unit ships with a base setting in map 1 that increases the boost by +4.75psi over stock that is safe to be used with 91US octane and 95 Euro. The typical power gains on this setting are 35whp and 45ft lb. With higher octane on a bolt on car we have seen average gains of 45whp and 65ft lb in Map 1. All of this whilst keeping the engines stock fail safes in place.

User interface software:
For users that have opted to purchase the optional BMS Data Cable you will need to download and install the user interface at this link http://www.n54tech.com/flash_files/jb4_interface.zip . The software is only compatible with Windows so for Mac a Virtual machine needs to be used.

Here is a video of how to install the User Interface Software, connect to the unit and make changes. Please note the JB1 uses the universal JB4 inteface.

Directions on how to connect and change firmware:
Directions on installing the interface and connecting to your JB can be found here

Firmware is what runs the JB1 unit. As we release updates or new firmware version this can be uploaded to your unit free of charge.

Map selection:
In order to change the map in the picture below under the logging tab you can pick the required map. Select the map and click add.

Upon shipping the following maps are active:
Map 0: Stock with complete pass through i.e. the JB1 does nothing
Map 1: Less aggressive boost profile map, this supports 91 octane at the base boost setting as well as bolt ons. If higher octane is used the boost can be increased as well as with bolt ons. We found that with intake, ** and 93 the boost can be pushed to +5.5psi. The method of doing this is in the second picture below. A E35 ethanol mix has been tested with this map and its fully compatible to run at boost levels up to +5.5psi when complimented with FBO (full bolt on mods). For anything higher than +5.5psi race fuel is required.
Map 3: Map three allows the JB1 to be the methanol controller working as a fail safe cutting boost if lack of meth flow is detected. You will require a Coolingmist FSB and a BMS Methanol kit to get this working. For meth support email georg@stgeorge.co.za directly.
Map 6: User adjustable boost profile (see below) Active on units that ship 29.09.2015 and after. If you have previously purchased your unit before reading this please email me george@burgertuning.com to receive a copy of the firmware.

Map 1 Boost setting:
Below is a diagram of where the user adjustment is made for boost over stock. Add in the value and click save.

On older interface software it will appear like below.

Map 6 Boost selection

For map 6 you will need to connect to the unit and select map 6. If you have previously purchased your unit before reading this please email me george@burgertuning.com to receive a copy of the firmware. On units that ship from 29.09.2015 there is no need. If your unit has a exposed blue wire you will need to email.

Below is where you enter the values for map 6. It works similar to map 1 so the value is the additional boost over stock.

Dedicated Map 6 discussion thread here: http://www.golfmk7.com/forums/showthread.php?t=12325

The below map is being currently being tested. It will be released with a firmware update that you can load with your data cable at no extra cost.

Map 4: This map can be considered a low torque map suitable for circuit use and want something more conservative.

The unit can log boost on the two sensors, dme boost as well as the rail pressure. The balance of the engine parameters and settings in the picture are exclusive to the yet to be released JB4 but it gives you a idea of what is to come.

Support queries can be posted here on the BMS support forum using email at george@burgertuning.com .

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