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Unhappy Dsub25 to MAP and TMAP connectors wiring diagram help - 08-08-2021, 11:09 AM

Hey guys, need a little help figuring out what I messed up when rewiring things last night. I am not making any boost anymore with the JB4 hooked up. If I unplug the TMAP and MAP pigtails and hook it up stock, I again make boost. I was running Map 1 with things wired up before and it was definitely working well even with the stock plugs. No issues whatsoever and have been waiting to install the Densos and fuel wires and EWG wires as I'm missing one of the fuel pigtails (originally got the JB4 for my Soul 1.6t and only ordered one fuel pigtail, but never got around to installing) and they are on backorder right now so I'm waiting to do the rest and have just been enjoying Map 1 since it works without issues!

So I got the EWG wires and was installing them into the JB4 last night. According to the EWG install guide (Stinger 3.3L EWG Connectors - N54Tech.com - International Turbo Racing Discussion) some JB4's have a green wire on pin 9 that is unused, and mine has a wire there. I toned the green wire out and found that it actually went to the TMAP connectors, though I guess it's ok to cut that wire since it says it's not being used for the JB4. So I did cut it and wired it into the EWG connector I'm going to put on the passenger side.

While working on this, I was a little bothered with all the extra wiring in the harness, and I decided to add some Deutsch DTM connectors to the setup. One 8 pin for the TMAP/MAP harness and make another harness with the 2 EWG pigtails and the fuel wires with a 6 pin connector. And then put a 2 pin connector for the OBD2 connector.
Had already cut the default connector off when I ran the wiring through the firewall. Instead of poking a hole in the firewall boot, I ran the wiring through the center opening with all the ECM wiring and then taped everything back up.

So on the harness going to the TMAP/MAP, I cut that green wire and put some glue filled heatshrink on the end to seal it off, and then ran the 8 wires left to an 8 pin connector. Since there were 2 yellow, red, brown, and black wires, I think I must have messed up the order when I was cutting out the extra harness wiring. The car ran without issue and no codes, but I was showing 0psi of boost on the JB4 and I certainly was making no boost on the little drive I did to test things.

So, what I'm hoping is if someone could possibly give me a wiring diagram, or tell me what pins on the DSUB25 that plugs into the JB4 goes to what pins on the TMAP and MAP connectors. I don't have any of the other wires hooked up at the moment, so I know I messed up with the order of the yellow/red/brown/black wires, and with the connectors I used it will be easy to correct if I can get the necessary information on the pinout. I should have traced each wire and wrote down the pinout in the first place! And if I was smart I would have taken a paint marker and matched up the wires before I cut anything, but I was a dumbass trying to get done before dark last night!

Anyway, Terry or anyone else? Hopefully someone can help me figure out where I went wrong. JB4 was still getting power from the TMAP/MAP connectors still and was working, just reading 0psi and making no boost at all.
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