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Default 12-16-2013, 02:10 PM

Originally Posted by GetSomeE92
I don't think it is possible. The 335i won't fit that kind of tire without serious modification. Plus, no 335i is making close to the kind of power to get into the 8 second club. Also, even though the Terminator came with an IRS, I'd bet he has swapped in a much stronger live axle to handle those launches. That just isn't available for the 335i.

You could probably get into the 1.6s with a lot of modification, and the right tire, but it would probably be easier with an xi model.
1.6 is cake for xi models. I'm at 1.63 in my X1 on stock 19in runflat tires with a N55. I would expect an aftermarket turbo xi with sticky tires to be in the 1.5's. Or you could just take the car to ATCO and get like a 1.3 :p
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