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Originally Posted by DaleM
What would our suspension need to make times like this guy in the 60ft? Perhaps I should say, what would you need to get sub 1.60s?

LOL at his worst being a 1.27! I love the in cabin camera, this guys shifts are impressive. I passed his trailer a couple times on the Interstate a couple times this past week, now I know what car he was towing. He probably won't be going to best Buy in that thing.
I don't think it is possible. The 335i won't fit that kind of tire without serious modification. Plus, no 335i is making close to the kind of power to get into the 8 second club. Also, even though the Terminator came with an IRS, I'd bet he has swapped in a much stronger live axle to handle those launches. That just isn't available for the 335i.

You could probably get into the 1.6s with a lot of modification, and the right tire, but it would probably be easier with an xi model.

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