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Originally Posted by ManiN54
That is a bit high to be honest but I would get the other issues sorted before I worry too much about that reading. A stuck injector could affect your pressure reading, Another common issue is the fuel pressure sensor.
Ok... swapped out cylinder 6 index 1 injector for an index 10 and input new injector values with INPA. Also installed new NGK plugs (one step colder than stock) and all is well for now.
ManiN54... question for you.... in your opinion what's the best way to correct the lean condition due to ctls **'s? The old plugs are showing a lean condition (tan in color/no oil) and I've yet to find a definitive answer on how to correct the o2 sensor readings. No mil light but when I read codes with jb4 it always comes back with a "ctls ** detected" code.
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