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Originally Posted by ManiN54
I would go on a limb and say injector #6 is your culprit, at least one of the problems. That code 2e35 is very straight-fwd; itís normally bad injector or bad connection to the injector. 29D0 could be a result of a bad coil/spark plug/ bad connection to coil, vacuum leak etc. other two codes resulted from these two.
That's more or less what I was thinking. I'm going to swap in a different injector and go from there. I guess I was worried my DME might have some issues.... one thing at a time... I know. Any thoughts on my fuel pressure reading 17? I'll upload the couple logs I have even though they're not correct 3rd gear 2k to redline pulls. I realize it's pointless until I give you guys some actual numbers logged to view. Hey... thanks for the input! Very much appreciated.
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