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Default New to the forum.... seeking advice on misfire/injector/hpfp issue. - 04-27-2019, 06:20 PM

A little background on the situation...

Picked up a 2007 335i sedan about 4 months ago w/ 106k on the clock for $700 bucks. Spun rod bearing, bent rod and disintegrated piston #5 cylinder. Other than that it's in pretty damn good shape. I don't know it's history in detail other than the p/o ran it fairly hard (jb4, down*****, cai... not sure what else).
Fast forward to present... new to me engine installed w/ 102k out of a 2007 335i convertible. So far mods include VRSF 2" stock location silicone inlets, BMS DCI, JB4 on map 2 and a dual oil cooler w/ factory t-stat flipped for continuous circulation setup I put together. Engine has index 1 injectors across the board. I'm assuming original coils and unsure on the mileage on the spark plugs. I've got some NGK 95770 ordered and should be in hand tomorrow.
So, I need some advise from you guys that have more knowledge than myself.
I'm currently getting codes:
-2E35 injection valve cylinder 6
-29D2 misfirings cylinder 6
-29D0 misfirings cylinder 4
-29CC misfirings several cylinders
To get to the point... I know injectors, coils and plugs can and will cause these codes but can the hpfp be a culprit for taking out injectors? My fuel pressure reads up to 17 on JB4 logs. I thought normal pressure at WOT was in the 10 -12 range...? I'm sure I've missed important details to aid in y'alls input as far as diagnosing goes so let me know what else will help and I'll let y'all know. Thank you in advance for any input on this!
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