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Originally Posted by normanred56
I am planning on buying the JB4 for my MK7 within the next month or two. Maybe this is a dumb question, but I didn't see anything that really confirmed this for me. Other than the JB4 itself (obviously) what else is a required purchase? If I decide to buy the $140 wireless connect kit so that I can connect with the iOS app, do I still need to buy the $35 BMS data cable? Or if I opted not to buy the wireless connect kit, I am assuming the BMS data cable could be plugged into a laptop to change maps/view logging data, etc? Just not sure if I need just one or the other or both.
You need either the BMS cable or the connect kit depending on the type of device you are connecting from and its OS. The connect kit can only be used with JB4 android/IOS app where as the data cable can be used with android/IOS app and the Windows app. Note you would obviously need an OTG adapter to use the data cable with a phone/tablet as the BMS cable has a full size USB plug on it.

You can do all functions with both connection methods, it really just comes down to what device you will be connecting from and whether you want to run a cable. My android head unit does not have good enough bluetooth implementation to allow it to connect to the JB4 via the connect kit so I have now swapped to the data cable run through the firewall and dash which plugs into a USB port on the back of the head unit. This now of course means that any logs I want to upload or analyse has to be done in the car from the head unit.

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