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Originally Posted by Dumaurier7
Hi all, great thread! any updates?!
Where do I begin lol. Late August, the car kept getting a Crankshaft sensor loss of synchronization code any time I gave it throttle. Felt like it was literally hitting a brick wall when that happened. I sent it back to BMB Autowerks and Billy replaced the Incremental Wheel between the crank and the transmission. The car was good to go after that.

Fast forward to September 26th, I shipped my car down to VA to get dyno tuned by Chris Kontos from Motiv Motorsports. First day, the AWD dyno front rollers kept malfunctioning. So he spent a great deal of time road tuning the car. We got a base dyno pull at 23psi:

Next dyno pull, one of the silicon coolant hoses blew. Luckily, I was already aware it was starting to wear out, so SpeetTech sent me a replacement and it was in the trunk. Chris had to go back to Georgia, so tuning was delayed until November 2nd. Car made 683whp at 28psi and that's the max he could get out of it:

There was some sort of torque limiter/trans limiter/traction limiter kicking in on the dyno around 6k RPM and it kicked the car out of gear into neutral. I got the car back and all I can say is WOW. Chris did so good with this tune. It drives completely like stock, until full throttle when all hell breaks loose. Car is a rocket and loses traction in 4th gear!

I am very happy with what Chris and the Motiv team was able to do with this car. He went above and beyond my expectations with help and communication. Next step is to fine tune it and figure out what the limiter was so we can bump up the power.

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