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Originally Posted by Odinist
Had a 3-up run last night against an 8th gen Si and an RSX-S, both full bolt on. 40 roll. This is in Mexico, of course.

The 8th gen had no chance. Me and the RSX both pulled really hard against him; I almost felt bad for the guy. A 40 roll for me starts towards the top of 2nd (which maxes at 59 mph). The RSX kept up about halfway through third gear but I started pulling away pretty hard. Shut down about 90 or so, still walking away easily.

This was on the Honda JB4, running map 7 (+9 psi) on an E30 blend.

Good times
Odd the RSX left that SI in the dust figured you would walk them both since they are basically the same NA 200hp K20 with only small differences. However the results of the race with your boosted SI are of course the right one

I"ve owned 6th, 7th and 8th gen SI - def one of the most fun cars ive owned.

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