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Default 10-28-2018, 02:30 PM

Hey...thanks for the advice. Good call and good to know that JB4 does no boost until at temp.

This was my second log and post.

I did a 1, 2, and 3 with my normal 91 ucktane gas in Denver. Remember 91 here is like 93 at sea ok. Look down a little further in the log posts and see mine.

I put Octane boost into the last portion of the tank and wanted to get three readings on Map 3 (correct...I still like Stage better! You perform better with JB4 and you perform on stage...ha!!)

Now I am back to 91 octante but wanted to know if I can jump to Map 3 (which I interpret as the highest, most performance, unless I get some extra parts and move away from stock) if the need arises.

Normally, I hope to be in Map 1 or 2 with standard 91 octane gas. Hope to jump to Map 3 with 1oz Torco per gallon.

I will look for a local shop that has high octane race gas that I can use rather than Torco. This is my first time using Torco...had to try it. Thank you for the feedback!

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