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Originally Posted by Metanoia
Hello. I have a 2008 N54 powered BMW 335xi with BMS DCI, JB4 G5 ISO, ER charge pipe, Forge DVís with yellow springs (15-23lbs) manual transmission, and use Shell 91 fuel. The vehicle has about 59,000 miles on it. Within the last 10,000 miles, I have performed a walnut shell blast of the intake, and replaced my spark plugs and coil packs (done at the same time as the JB4 install). I would like to install the pump gas BEF, but want to first ensure that the car is running perfect.

When doing first-second-third gear pulls at WOT on JB4 map 1, I have been experiencing hesitation in 3rd gear at around 4500 RPM, and the JB4 switches to map 4. Using my BT scan tool, the following codes were identified as shadow codes and did not throw a check engine light:
- 30EF glow ignition, cylinder 3, 4832rpm, IAT 48 deg. C, engine temp 100.5 deg. C
- 30F2 glow ignition cylinder 6, 4608rpm, IAT. 48 deg. C, engine temp 100.5 deg. C
- 30F1 glow ignition cylinder 5, 4800rpm, IAT 48.75 deg. C, engine temp 100.5 deg.
Additional shadow codes thrown today while pulling logs include:
- 29F2 Fuel high pressure system, fuel pressure, rail pressure 103,247 hPa, PWM-Signal of mass control valve 57.42%, injected mass of fuel 108L/hr
- 29E2 Fuel injection rail, pressure sensor signal, 5600rpm, rail pressure 5434 hPa, voltage of fuel pressure sensor before mass control valve = 2.73Vm, average rail pressure 0.27V

I took some logs today (this is my first time doing data logging, so I will need some help pinpointing my issues). Based on what I have read, I believe that there may be a number of issues including: IATís too high (up from 91F at to 132F), octane too low (identified by shadow codes), or an oxygen sensor issue (based on the 4500rpm JB4 switch to 3rd gear). Timing appears to be pulled aggressively.

While pulling the logs today, during one pull, the engine went into limp mode. I pulled over and shut off the car and saved the log.

Can you help me pinpoint what is wrong with the car/what I need to fix? Thanks so much.
Hi, first welcome

Timing doesnít look great- not shocked given the 91 octane.

You could definitely benefit from the BEF, that will help a few things, your trims being one.

My advice- enable 6 cyl logging via your user adjustment page, load the pump BEF- and letís relog map 1

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