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Originally Posted by qu8storm
I have a question, when viewing a data log on my phone using the jb4 app Iíve seen where people can touch the screen and have boost, afr and other things displayed in a box on the screen. I want to know I said this an iPhone only feature or is it also available on Android. If there is an option I have to check can someone help me out.
iPhone only at this time. Most of my Android dev time has been spent trying to make BT functionality more seamless for the majority of users/devices. It's in a better place than it was and will be even better with the upcoming update. After this I plan on getting back to the rest of my Android todo list.

Also Android users, log-based 0-60 timing is ready to go for vehicles that support the MPH output. For now the fastest 0-60 time is displayed whenever you tap on a log.

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