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Default 03-02-2018, 01:12 PM

Device: iPhone 7 Plus
OS: 11.2.6(iOS)
Engine type: N54 E Series
App build: JB4 iOS 8052
Kit Revision: Rev 3
JB4 Firmware Version: 32_10
Problem experienced:

Tempature (oil and water) guages cut off some of the numbers once they get over 200 and start showing 20... instead of the actual number. This is in the need fill guage mode and when using Fahrenheit.

Found a temporary solution is when temperature gets that high press and hold on guage for guage selection. Then select the same metric and it will shrink the text and fit.

Seems to be an issue with the size of the font being large and not resizing to fit when the text gets wider than the text area.

NOTE: Was not an issue on previous build before the fixes for the iPhoneX were implemented.

Here's a screen shot of demo mode showing the issue:

- ST GTX3582R, JB4+BEF, PI, Stage 3 Fuel, E80

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