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Default 02-24-2018, 10:19 AM

Originally Posted by sharaf
Device iPhone X
OS: 11.2.5(iOS)
Engine type: S55 F82
App build: 8052
Kit Revision: Rev 3
JB4 Firmware Version: 4/16//5
Problem experienced:
1)Cant email the logs from the application? tried different emails including myself but nothing is going out.
2)Whats the default user settings I should put?
No issues on this end as far as emailing (same OS version and device). Are you able to send regular emails and ensure they are going out? As far as the default settings, you'll need to find the sticky'd thread for your engine type. They should be listed there.

Originally Posted by M-terkait
I have been experiencing disconnection from JB4 bluetooth while driving ( cruising ) happens sometimes after few minutes of driving sometimes after 20minutes. I can immediately connect back again though. I didn't experience this before updating the latest Android app version.
Do you have disconnect on backgrounding enabled? Auto-connect?

Originally Posted by oldmanjoe
Nokia 6
Android 8.0
A217 JB4 mobile app.

After a few minutes if operation it decides to validate setting's. Never stops. App is non responsive from there but behind the notification it's still measuring and displays the usual info.

What to do besides rebooting phone all the ****ing time?
Working with you via email.

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