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Originally Posted by VF-1J
How do I get my JB4 app to log while running in the background? I cannot seem to get my JB4 to log while I have my Dragy up recording my runs. And vice versa. I cannot record my runs on the Dragy if I have the JB4 app up logging.

And yes, I'm connected to all at the same time. JB4, Dragy, and the car's BT.
iOS or Android? What app build?

Originally Posted by Tpiersonjr1
Sorry I am new to the group. I have been running a jb4 on my 2008 n54 for about a year now. I would like to try E85 but I had a question about the moblie ISO APP “ethanol setup” under WMI. Like the jb4 2/3 flex fuel and DTML flex fuel as well as the other settings in this section. Could someone please point be in the direction of where I can find the explanation of these?
Make a post in the support section on this forum and someone will point you in the right direction.

Originally Posted by CloudVIII
Sorry if this has been posted before but how do you get a hex file opened from a email to the JB4 connect app.
VF-1J (above this post) is correct for Android.

iOS - Tap the hex file then tap the JB4 Mobile icon that appears (you may need to scroll to find it).

Originally Posted by Hilly550xi
Originally Posted by Hilly550xi
So we do have to 0-60mph time feature and 1/4 miles as well with this jb4 connect kit correct? Reason being is that I see the 0-60mph under speed timing in settings...but it doesn't work when I start a log. Saw a video somewhere of someone having a 1/4 mile feature but probably a different version? I have rev3
iOS or Android?

A version is enabled on the iOS version, but not Android.

I'm in the middle of adding functionality that will calculate 0-60 from JB4 logs (for engine types that support the speed output). 1/4 will be going away permanently (for iOS and Android) as that relies on the phone's GPS which has a terrible refresh rate of 1hz and is not that accurate.

Originally Posted by 5soko
I am sure this has been answered, i just couldnt find it.

Do the jb4 in dash gauge options and in dash boost gauge via the JB4
still work with the bluetooth connected and connected to the phone?
Some stuff is engine type dependent, but everything works while connected on my N54 car. I know the BC functionality on some F Series cars doesn't work while connected.

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