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Default 02-10-2018, 10:57 AM

Originally Posted by Max_MTL

Since the latest JB4 App update (Version 2.3.1) that updated the UI and allowed support on the IPhone X I have some issue with the aspect ratio beeing changed on my IPhone 7 plus. The bottom gauge seem stretched and the numbers are now very small. I attached a picture of what it looks like on my screen.

Link to screenshot since I seem to have issue to attach it in the post.

IPhone 7 plus
Currently running 11.2 (didnt tried to update the phone to see if this could resolve issue)
On the list for the next update.

Originally Posted by Fmonteiro444
Just updated the iOS version on my iPad mini. Looks great. I can finally see the settings page!

Originally Posted by Arko1993
Iím having issues with the jb4 app I bought today on my android tablet. When I try to connect it keeps saying no device found during scan make sure you location service is enabled. Which it is Iíve tried everything else I know but no luck.
Table is a Asus memo pad 7
Android 5.1.1

Originally Posted by RadarContact
That did it! Thank you, doing it this way seems to work every time. Kind of a PITA to use this procedure vs it just ďworkingĒ automatically, but at this point Iím not complaining. Hehehe

// Radar //
Not a thing I can do about that unfortunately. Has something to do with the way some Android devices enumerate a USB device before it's ready.

Originally Posted by lukas
Are there any new gauge themes coming up? Right now we have two options, original looks like from Saturn V and the other would suite GT-R's and Supras but I wish for something matching our stock gauges. Black background with orange stock looking gauges would be so sweet!
No new themes planned at this time. On one of them you can change the fill color to "Amber" to sort of match the car's internal LED colors.

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