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Originally Posted by I M inluv340
I understand what you guys are saying and thank you for the info. I think what people are going to want to know is a PSI recommendation thatís relatively safe. Do we feel pretty good about 20 add? Which is roughly 17-18psi? An actual number would be best.

Everyone running this set up is FBO and pushing x98 through CM10-CM14.
It's your car you run whatever you want. Logic dictates that too much power on lean afr's is not good for the longevity of the engine.

What other people run is their choice. I will have a PS2 on the shop car and I will start running it at 15-16 psi and monitor it for some time. Possibly run 20% E and dual CM7/5 and monitor AFR and DME_BT.

Time will tell if these engines will hold up. It's better to run 15-16 psi on PS2 then to run 19-20 psi on PS1. More power at less boost is always better. Once we find a way to richen AFR it will be like having a new car with the extra power

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