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Originally Posted by I M inluv340
So are we saying 15-16 is max until flash tune if we want to be safe? It feels nice donít get me wrong but itís likely putting down the same power as my pure stage 1 at 19-20 psi which kind of defeats the purpose of the upgrade. The car feels amazing at 18-20 and I really have only run it at that a few times but if itís not safe I can wait. Iíd like to be able to run at 18 until flash tune comes out on occasion wondering if you guys think that is relatively safe or if even that would be pushing it too far? Guys are running PS1 at 23-24psi ( not saying itís super safe). I know the PS2 is pushing much more volume but I canít imagine 18psi is more than 22+ with PS1?
I don't think anyone knows what "safe" for this motor is (besides BMW engineers that developed it) because we don't have enough data for what damages it yet. Without data of specific engine wear or failure, "safe" might be 14.7 AFR all the way to redline. This motor is doing all sorts of new, weird things that defy normal logic, and they're still holding together well.

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