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Originally Posted by 135idct
i don't think it's safe to run 500+whp and the AFR 15 maybe more, very high
Hence why we keep re-iterating that, why we are running the fuel we are, and why you don't see any 1/4 mile or 1/2 mile runs from us in this car.

Originally Posted by LessIsMore
So the fuel system (stock + TBI) could deliver more fuel, but no one has figured out how to get the DME to request the fuel needed - is that accurate?

The B58 TBI - is that a one-off custom piece with 2 CM5 nozzles, if I understood? Do you plan to sell a PI or TBI kit for the B58?
We don't know what the stock fuel system is capable of yet as we have virtually no control over it.

We are running TBI (BMS meth with dual CM5's on PWM) but only enough to keep trims from maxing out and forcing us even leaner.

Once we have control over the DME and fueling, yes we will do a kit but at this time, it is pointless. We can throw all the fuel we want at it...over time it won't matter.

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