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Default Jb4 - 2013 Golf R - Turbo issues - 05-22-2022, 12:45 PM


Been having issues with my jb4. Car runs perfectly fine when jb4 is not connected however soon as I install jb4 to boost and turbo the turbo is only building up 4-5 psi of boost making the car feel like its towing a trailer. After driving 20/30 miles Id get a CEL with code P0249. Id clear the code and try it again but same issue.

When I un-install the jb4, code clears (no CEL) and car runs normal. At a loss for whats happening as the car runs fine without the jb4. Recently got a new board to see if that was causing the issue but it still persists with the new jb4 board. I checked for boost leaks and there are none. Anyone have this issue before on their car?
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