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Hey guys,

Hit the dyno today for a little tuning on our JB4 Stinger! Car is all stock except for Denso 5346 plugs gapped at 0.022", ~93 octane fuel, around 450 miles on the clock.

We're running a Stinger JB4 system on v3 firmware with the JB4 Mobile kit for wireless logging to my phone.

First up was a few baseline runs, the highest of which was 327whp all stock. I've seen cars make a few more HP stock but it was pretty hot today. Doing a same day baseline is always critical for evaluating tuned runs to come. Weather, dyno variance, correction factors, etc, can easily lead to 10-15whp one way or the other.

Next up a series of tuned runs. Map1 resulted in 356whp, map2 resulted in 382whp. More or less as expected. Logs of the runs are below and you can see the boost differences of stock vs. map1 vs. map2, as well as an overall healthy timing profile not showing any indication of knock.

Here are where things got interesting. I turned on the new JB4 fuel control to lean the air/fuel ratio out at higher RPM, and immediately power shot up. See comparison dynos below but going from 10:1 to 11:1 resulted in gains of ~60whp in certain areas! Crazy!

I have a little more fine tuning to do on the fuel control before we release it but next up is a round of E85 testing and dyno runs. And hopefully, cooler weather!

Also on the torque we found there is a lot more on tap when we're ready for it. 495wtq was just scratching the surface.

PS. While the car was strapped down I did a run on valet map4, which runs around half the boost of stock. Definitely makes your 3.3L run like a 2L, lol.

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