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Default Mounting Location - 06-11-2018, 03:36 PM


The current mounting suggestion (for those with the 2011 550i xDrive) may find that trying to place it under the cowl on the passenger side - is a bit too tight. Found that it's actually impacting the ability to close the hood (won't close without actually pushing down above each of the locking points). Hoping that someone may have located an alternative location or mounting option(s) - as to remove the compression created by the increased height.

Was looking at possibly of somehow making use of the large cavity below the hood's hinge (below/between hood hinge and blower), but not sure if more exposure to the elements would become problematic.


FYI - Just as reference, it's actually causing the passenger side of the hood to be raised (noticeably) vs. the driver's side. If you look at the gap between the fenders and the hood - it's about 1/3 'larger' at the passenger windshield vs. driver's side. If I drop the unit in the cavity under the hood hinge, the gap does back to normal/matching the driver's side and is consistent down to the headlights.

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