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Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
The firmware is not in the first post to avoid people loading it on the wrong system, but you can always email in for it.

(late to the party on this post)

Being current often accounts for things learned, would suggest:

Some quick/fast/easy reference means to determine if one is on the latest version of the software for their unit and motor. Suspect that as you all determine newer/better values, algorithms, etc. that having the latest (for those of us who may enjoy the "set it and forget it") would at least be using the 'currently preferred' values. Even better would be some collusion between BMS and the app author to have a notice come up when there is new version and an option to download and update without going through the forums/support/etc.

At least knowing that folks are "on the latest" should make supporting the platform(s) easier. That's just my $0.02...

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