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Question Support Question 2021 F150 Powerboost - Service Soon and Codes - 08-17-2021, 04:51 AM

Here was my installation V3 Map Sensor and a V2 Map Sensor (see attached)

However upon installing it in my F150 Powerboost (3.5L TT + Hybrid) my engine immediately comes on and hovers around 600-700RPMs and gives a service soon error also the JB4 app does not read anything but the RPM, IGN (sporadically) and MAP (I switched it to 0 still no change). Everything else is 0.

It also gives the following codes:
P0108 (Seems to be a map sensor getting to much voltage?)

Here are pictures of the board and wiring connector (see attached)

I’ve read up on this a little bit and it seems that maybe something is shorting out or the board on my JB4 is bad. Please let me know what you all think I’ve reached out to support as well.

Edit: Support has reached out saying that my board is incorrect. They are sending me a new unit that should fix the issue. I will report back on what happens.

Edit 2: New board fixed part of the issue (I was sent an incorrect Ford V3 board) this enabled the V3 MAP sensor to start working, the next issue that needed fixed was the brown wire on the V2 harness was swapped so the TMAP sensor would not work. I was sent a video on how to fix that and after that we were working!

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