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Hello to everyone, I have bought an Inpa KDCAN and OTG adapter, had lots of troubles just like I read here but there is a catch when you use the cable on cars built later than march 2007 so I will try to explain for others that are in same boat.

First time I bought the cheapest Inpa KDCAN cable that I found, after few days of trial and error I gave up and returned it for refund.
I sourced another cable:
feedbacks looked promising but I asked the seller first if he is sure it's working with MHD app and said he tried it already and knows it's working.

A week later the cable arrived, tried it as well and no success, very frustrated I emailed the seller and almost left a negative feedback but got a fast reply and told me what to check so I went ahead to try it:

The cable has a switch on it, it's meant to bridge pins 7 and 8 for cars that use double K-line (those built before march 2007)

Switched to the other side the pins are unbridged and that's needed for cars built starting with march 2007 like mine that talks on DCAN.
For these that use DCAN it's also needed to establish a communication with the car in less than 60seconds since the cable has been plugged in usb and to car OBD (if the 60seconds pass the red light goes off and the cable will work by default for double K-line).

It's long story but hope I described well what matters, seller said it's best to use Inpa KDCAN with switch on it otherwise you have to open it up and solder the pins based on the car build date.
In some situations if the pins are bridged and the cable is used on DCAN cars it can cause the communication to be disturbed and imagine what can happen.
Not sure if the first cable would of worked or not, it had a white PCB color compared to the second that I bought and the seller said those have the worst electronics inside, the ones with green PCB are divided on two quality categories but I didn't digged deeper as I don't know much about electronics.

good luck to everyone that wants to tune their cars!
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