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Default Money shifted... Need to know what to do next.. - 06-13-2018, 02:59 PM

Basically I was at 5500 rpm in 3rd and went to 2nd instead of 4th, revs went past the limiter;

Valve cover was already leaking 1L of oil every 3 weeks as it was a bad leak, I also run meth..

After the money shift I kept driving, and everything seemed fine, about about an hour later 1/4th of a Liter had leaked out when I checked the oil meter, after parking, I was doing pulls at the time...

When I got home I gave it a bit of gas and blue smoke came out... I drove it for about 3 days not too hard and then I took it for a couple hard pulls and mid pull I got a misfire and a ticking noise at around 23psi with PS2. My house was 2 streets down from the road and I pulled in and haven't driven it since.

I think it's either bent rod, dropped valve, or piston ring

There was also a lot blue smoke in 1st and 2nd gear in those 3 day's. .

Im not sure if I should get a new engine or just rebuild with stronger internals, also do you guys think I may have damaged cylinder walls? If my cylinder walls are damaged, ill buy a clean bare block off ebay, and if it is my valves, ill probably just replace the head.. I've heard that there's false knock with forged pistons, is that true?

Any suggestions on next steps are welcome
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