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Originally Posted by Rob@RBTurbo
Couple Minor updates made to this kit for all kits shipping today forward:

1) We have moved away from the welded on bung to the throttle body adapter and went to twin thread 1/8" NPT provisioning. This gives you some flexibility with your low side vacuum reference adapter, but the standard kits will come with everything pictured (black anodizing will be standard but not pictured).

2) We have put a center 8mm socket head provision in the RB External PCV adapter, allowing for yet another point for tightening the part. Comes in handy if do not have large wrench, don't want to "nick" up the external part when handling, or if want a more sure non-cross threaded adapter into the valve cover.

As said minor updates and nothing really functional is changing here, just a couple tweaks to somewhat advance the kit with the times/interests.

In addition to the last update to this kit (specifically with #1 above), we made yet again another minor update which was aligning the twin 1/8" NPT threads and shortening the adapter as much as possible. Once again nothing changed for functionality, just a bit cleaner of an install is possible for the PNP kits. See attached pics of the latest RB External PCV Throttle Body PNP adapter.
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