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Originally Posted by the_panda_driver
Will the stage 1s still fit in the stock housing or will they need to be machined?

Correct me if I am wrong but you offer stock wheel size with cast blades and TD04 internals. And an option for the upgraded wheels for a small fee.

I guess what I'm asking is do you offer the stage 1 CHRA (which is different from the one CHRA mentioned above with the 10T wheel) for the DIY and does it require machining.
Stage 1's will fit in the OEM Turbofold without machining, but the compressor housing needs machined. So with the Stage 1 DIY setup the machined compressor housing is included and it is expected you send back your old compressor housings/CHRA's that you remove during this DIY process (thus there is a fully refundable core charge for all Stage 1's- DIY or complete). Obviously you will keep your old turbo folds and put the new Stage 1/Compressor and CHRA kit into it per your DIY, and of course address your own wastegate issues as you desire. OR just buy the complete Stage 1's and have no worries.

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