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Originally Posted by working_title
First, these looks awesome, and a huge weight savings!

As for the comment about "100% pure unadulterated carbon fibre": It appears you're using prepreg tow, which has resin (glue) already applied to the fiber, (rather than running the fiber through a bath as it is wound). This is a method of filament winding which can result in a higher fiber content with less voids (and is a lot less messy), but is not entirely without a matrix.

I understand if you can't answer, but what prepreg are you using?
Yes, this is pre-preg (also known as Dry Carbon), which is the highest quality type of carbon base material you can use. It is manufactured by Toray Industries in Japan. You cannot use a "true" 100% carbon fibre, as it still requires a bonding matrix, as you mentioned. However, unlike with a Wet Carbon process, we do not introduce extra glue into the process.

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