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Originally Posted by turboalb
Sweet build and ride, did you dyno or run the 535i? What car does you're dog like better? easier for him to get in the e60
I'm sure he enjoyed the easy access and his own domain in the rear with the two rear windows lowered and his head sticking out of the E60. I like the security of having him tucked away safely in the back in the E82. He's still able to stick his head behind the seat and out the front window while not hanging out or slipping all over the place during turns.

Originally Posted by Torgus
Nice looking ride!
Originally Posted by ifarted
Amazing build!
I'm planning to do a walnut blasting this weekend and got a question. How do i know if the valve is fully closed? Do you have any photos of yours being fully closed and open/not fully closed?
Originally Posted by ucsbwsr
This question is better asked elsewhere like the support section as opposed to a build thread. Intake valves are primarily closed so if they were just opened once you turn the engine over it is likely they will be sealed and sealed for a while as you continue to turn it over, only 1 or 2 cylinders will be open at a time and you can view the other valves which are either close or open to see if they look different, if you are not sure you can turn the engine over some more to confirm they are either open or closed. Hope this makes sense, if not then head over to the support section.

Back to the build thread,
Appreciate the kind words. As I've said before, I've fallen head over heels for this vehicle.

As far as ensuring the cylinders are closed, what Evan said. I had a friend push the car back and forth while it was in gear while I was monitoring the valves with a flashlight. Once you see the movement a few times, it's easy to tell which are open and closed. Still doesn't making spraying liquid down there any less terrifying. I'm still relieved when the puddle of Brakleen begins to form and doesn't leak out.

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