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Originally Posted by pricojorge
I know 90% of USA doesnt use Cruise Control lol, but I actually use it alot, I notice when the JB4 is on, either my CC cuts off after 10 seconds, or worst, I start to get Drivetrain Malfs and chassi stability, the car has to come to a halt and then goes away with just a restart. This is dangerous as hell because usually i'm in the left lane going quick.

However when I turn the JB4 off (map 0) the CC seems to work just fine, havent tested it on long distance tho.

Does anyone else have this issue or similar ?
I'm glad I read this a couple of days ago. Exact same thing happened to me about 80 miles from home today. Turned on the CC and about 30 seconds later "Drivetrain Malfunction" and "Stability Control" popped up.

I pulled over, contemplating switching to 0, but then I remembered that someone else had a similar issue in here. Restarted under map 2, drove the rest of the way home without any issues, and not using CC.

Aside from the JB4 Beta with map 2, I'm totally stock. I've been running it for a week without any issues up until when I turned on CC for the first time.
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