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Default 04-13-2020, 11:30 PM

So I've been doing a lot of testing and monitoring over the past week. To start, I don't think the O2 sensors are a problem. I monitored them and their voltages under multiple conditions and they are behaving normal. They have a proper oscilations and the voltages match up to what a new one would rate at.

I've cleaned the MAF and TMAP sensors, both looked good though. I checked various clamps and fittings at the chargepipe, FMIC, and intake areas. All of them were good and I didn't notice a vacuum leak anywhere from what I could tell. I may get a smoke test done regardless just to be 100% sure.

I've been testing multiple maps to see variations between them. Yesterday and today I messed around with map 6 (fuel is around E35 right now) as that is something I haven't tested. I got a some small logs yesterday where values were looking better, but today I actually got my longest pull yet and trims/AFR look better than any previous log it seems. I'm not sure if it's because of the meth/E35 or the fact that the longer pull allowed the system to stabilize.

In your opinion, what are optimal values I should be looking for AFR and other things? I've been doing research on the matter and others seem to be in the 12/13 range for AFR. Terry's logging and parameter thread says around 12.5:1 and ignition advance should be dish shaped with a value of 6-8 degrees (which I seem to have). My HPFP is also not crashing under WOT, even with E35.

However, I'm here for any advice I can get. I'm just trying to avoid replacing parts that might not be bad if possible.
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