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Default F30 15 328i N20 Exhaust Options and questions! - 10-01-2021, 09:08 AM

Hey! You guys have more collective knowledge on this stuff than most the rest the internet.

so... I’m looking for a dual exit exhaust like the 335i, i like the valve as it would be nice for not wanting to make my neighbor’s 2y/o upset in the mornings for school... However, I want my car to sound good, not broken, so not looking for a resonator delete.

Would i be better off to go for a genuine 335i exhaust? or just the muffler delete dual exhaust option with a ******* ********? i want it loud, but not obnoxious and losing its tone!

******* DP + muffler delete with dual exit a good idea?

i’m trying to keep it under 1000$, if possible.

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